July Edition 2015

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Featured July Theme: VALUE
  • Virtues – the values in the backbone of the human soul – by Andreas

    In this article we will explore the most valuable aspect of a human being, the gold of the soul. We will explore it through gold, alchemy kabbalah and the esoteric tradition. . You will learn the secret to solve any problem in your life as well as the secret of the universal remedy to any […]

  • Is Your Value Only On Your Business Card? – by Baba

    There are two worlds, one physical and the other ethereal or astral! As such there is not much difference between the two. In this world your education, success, social status, money, these create your identity shown on your business card. In the after-world they have no value, it is your character, spiritual attainment, love, compassion […]

  • Value Yourself – by Holland Haiis

    . What do you value most? As I take a moment to think about what I value most in my life, the answer is simple, relationships.  But, I also question whether this was always my truth. Reflecting on relationships from the past gives an understanding as to how far I have come. Through time it […]

  • A Culture of Spending – by Linda

    . A Culture of Spending, that’s the headline in the newspaper a few days back. It was written about government spending but one doesn’t have to look too far to realize just how widespread that culture has become.  Just look at the plethora of “Increase Your Prosperity” packages being marketed to you. .

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  • Malia_m

    Are you curious - by Malia

    - Hi there I'm Malia - and a new writer with The Magic Happens. I graduated from massage school in 1995 and started working in the wellness industry. I use ...Malia WeinhagenJul 1, 2015
  • Spirit-Prayer-2015_m

    The Power of Prayer - by Linda

    . Have you ever had a prayer answered?  I have.  And sometimes I don’t even recognize it until after the fact.  I’m sure that happens when I have expectations ...Linda LangJul 1, 2015
  • Love Rose

    Non-Toxic - by Jonathan

    . Every one of us is wired to give and receive affection and love from others. We are social creatures who strive to be accepted by the ones we ...Jonathan OjanperaJul 1, 2015
  • Photo 24

    Older But Wiser - by Kay

    At 08.03 m I turned 53 years of age. I find it incredulous I have been on this earth for so long. Far from being scared of the ...kay avalonJul 1, 2015
  • SaraJaneColumn_m

    Message from the Mythical Realm - by Sara Jane

    The Daughters of Gaia and they watch over the whole of Nature. They love their “work”; their “work” is a great joy to them and brings pleasure and ...Sara JaneJul 1, 2015
  • Annette-Column_m

    Here, Come and Sit on My Lap TOP! - by Annette

    . Oh my goodness, I would like to think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and 99.9% of the time I believe I am worth my ...Annette Rochelle AbenJul 1, 2015
  • modern_witch_m

    Personal Introduction - by Ariel Brown

    - My name is Ariel, named by my mother from Shakespeare’s Tempest – my parent’s prediction that I would create a storm in the world. I do not ...Ariel BrownJul 1, 2015
  • BrendaC

    Angels validation of my value = Love-One - by Brenda

    I have decided to use my own interpretation of the word “Value” and its context as it relates to me personally.  I like to begin my articles with ...Brenda RachelJul 1, 2015
  • image

    To do or not to do - by Tommy

    . In today's world there isn't to many people that don't feel overwhelmed by the things we have to do, and all to often we get caught up in ...Tommy HemphillJul 1, 2015
  • confederate-flag-1-1024x768

    Understanding a Nation's Grief...

    The past week or so has been surreal... A young white man, filled with hatred for black people, drove across two states to an historic black church in Charleston, ...David Franklin FarkasJul 1, 2015
  • Paul & Friend

    Soul -- I AM you and you are me - by Paul

    . Hi. Thank you for visiting. This is my first month as a member of TMH. This is very exciting for me. I see everybody here present as wonderful “friends” ...Paul E. MartinJul 1, 2015
  • TMH5pic1

    Let’s take a ride in Education - by Hakan

    . I think the most important problem for the future of the planet are the education systems. Each country sets them up according to their own political and historical ...Hakan AkdoganJul 1, 2015
  • outsidebox

    Live OUTSIDE the Box - by Lee

    We live in a box. It's a box that we made up. We've been designing and reinforcing our box since the moment we got here - well maybe ...Lee PrykeJul 1, 2015
  • KishanC

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself - by Kishan

    . I have been a Healer for over 20 years, people have come to the City of Newport in South Wales UK with all manner of illnesses to see ...Kishan TakahashiJul 1, 2015
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