April Edition 2015

Featured Theme: BECOME & FEEL
  • Catch a Ride to Your STAR – by Holland Haiis

    How can you become your best self? You work on this objective as you are pushed and prodded by parents, teachers, clergy, employers, and most importantly you. As you strive to discover a solution and charge toward accomplishing this goal, you may end up feeling no closer to becoming your best self then when you […]

  • BEcome – by Sara Jane

    We are all BEings not doings. . It is time to be true to you, to BEcome who you truly are. . We are all born perfect; it is outside influences that change us when we try to fit in to what is called “normal”. . What is “normal”? . Normal is what is usual […]

  • Become – By Jonathan Ojanpera

      If I could invent myself over and over again, I might become. . If there was a way to escape the routine of life, its mundane, the ritual, I may become. . To set aside the norm and break through the barrier that keeps me earth bound, I could become. . When I let […]

  • Nothing more than feelings – by Suzanne

      FEEL.. The word itself brings that shiver of delight or dread to the soul… what do you feel? How do you feel? What does it feel like? So very many parts to this extraordinary word… . This themed article is indeed difficult, but yet very important for me to write – this past few […]

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Who I am is not who you See – by Kc

  • annette_0050-841x1024

    do tell - by Annette

      You tell me that you love me and I thank you very much . Your words of devotion and appreciation, my very heart do touch . Yet I have noticed that you ...Annette Rochelle AbenApr 1, 2015
  • business pica

    ZippedME: Rockin It! - By Jody

      How many of you are using social media? If you are not using social media….why not? If you are using social media do you feel like a fish ...Jody Blankinship HarrisApr 1, 2015
  • carol-C

    Emerge~ A Haiku - by Carol

      Hidden in cocoon . We must struggle to be born . Bringing about pain .  © Carol Campbell 2015     carolcampbellApr 1, 2015
  • BlackHole-Corona-20130227-767x421

    The Undeniable Call of the Unknown - by Laurie

      The unknown has always drawn me, what is hidden from ordinary sight has been the whisper calling me forward.  The strength of this call has allowed (or sometimes pushed) ...LaurieSApr 1, 2015
  • Marie-29th_m

    To Feel Again - by Marie

      As a young girl my mother said I was her most sensitive child.  She had six children.  When I would go to different churches, or temples the holy ...Marie PollnowApr 1, 2015
  • bob042015

    A Zen Hoofprint - by Bob

    I will admit that I have succumbed to extreme frustration. This past winter season has blown some holes in my fitness, immune system and psyche. As I work ...Bob RushApr 1, 2015
  • what if

    WHAT IF you became happier everyday - by Lee

    WHAT IF the happiness we seek is right here, right now, in our own hands, hearts, and in the thoughts we think and the things we do with ...Lee PrykeApr 1, 2015
  • wpid-screenshot_2013-07-31-17-17-46-1

    Hello TMH! - by Jonathan

      Hello TMH readers and writers. I am Jonathan Ojanpera. I am so excited to be writing for The Magic Happens. This is a group of massively talented and ...Jonathan OjanperaApr 1, 2015
  • vlcsnap-2012-10-04-210x270

    Together Let Us Make the Magic Happen - by Baba

    Radiant Spirits - my name is Shuddhaanandaa ji and I am a new columnist for this wonderful publication The Magic Happens. I am looking forward to getting to know ...Shuddhaanandaa jiApr 1, 2015
  • MonthsBlue767x421

    Three Down and Nine to Go... You can do this! - by Gery

      It’s April and the first quarter of 2015 is over. I have to ask you… How are those resolutions for the new year holding out? If you’re like ...Gery DiMarcoApr 1, 2015
  • The Magic Happens Warm Up

    Why Not Warm Up? - by Mindy

      What do you do in the morning to warm up for your day? When I asked my friends, family, and colleagues this question, the most popular answers were ...Mindy A. EarlyApr 1, 2015
  • FullMoon.01

    What in the World?

    . What in the World? . I do spiritual / psychic / shamanic  healing. Hard to give it a name. But, I have become very sensitive to many things, which is what ...David Franklin FarkasApr 1, 2015
  • bike path in Metro Park altered for TMH

    GOT NERVE? - by Michelle

      I don’t know about you, but I love learning about energy—where it emanates, how it flows, how it interrelates and how to use it (that would be: wisely). . Over ...Michelle StarApr 1, 2015
  • kc210

    Who I am is not who you See - by Kc

      I know that growing up as a child that I believed what I saw, and then did not try to look at others in a different way. I ...K.C. HartApr 1, 2015
  • Lisa.jpega

    Let's Take A Ride - By Hakan

    Please join me to a ride in my mind to save the world. We are all aware that something needs to be done to make the planet a ...HakanApr 1, 2015
  • linda-C

    The Courage to Be You - by Linda

    Too often we hide ourselves away, trying to fit in or be something we’re not. Most of us spend years in that illusion until we wake up and ...Linda LangApr 1, 2015
  • dw

    Dragons Wisdom - by Sara Jane

      Hello my name is Sara Jane and Welcome to the first article written especially for The Magic Happens in which I share the Dragons Wisdom. . This is me, I ...Sara JaneApr 1, 2015
  • Shron540x420

    When life gives you lemons you can make so much more than lemonade - by Sharon

      Just think of the wonderful things you can make with a few lemons and other simple ingredients, There is lemon butter, lemon sherbet, lemon cake, preserved lemons, the ...SharonApr 1, 2015
  • Holland_m

    Holland's Introduction - by Holland

      Hello, allow me to introduce myself and share a little bit of my story with you. My name is Holland Haiis, and I am the author of Consciously ...Holland HaiisApr 1, 2015
  • TeaCup

    The Musings of the Lady @ Greyhouse

      March 2015 is coming to an end as I write these words… I’m hoping it will “go out like a lamb” and thus, bring about the warmer days ...Suzanne JacquesApr 1, 2015
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