August Edition 2015

Upfront Blast – by Peter
Featured August Theme: MOSAIC
  • Mosaic – by Jojo Lowey

    . MOSAIC . Begin with the positive . thoughts you desire. . Using mind, body, spirit . and a heart that’s on fire. . Assemble the pieces

  • MEsaic – by Annette

    . Mosaic, a most appropriate term for me as I see myself as a conglomeration of many bits and pieces which have come together to form this 58 year old woman who types this article. Much like a mosaic, many of the bits and pieces are not attractive on their own but when joined in […]

  • How Diverse is Your Mosaic? by Holland Haiis

    . Take a peek into the tiny crevice in your life which allows for diversity. What does it look like? Is it surrounding yourself with those who only do what you want? Do you all look the same?  Agree on everything?

  • Mosaic of Being – by Linda

    As a healer, it is an honour and a privilege to work with others and help them step into a place of empowerment.  I see the wonder of every person I work with… each one unique and fascinating… As a healer, it is an honour and a privilege to work with others and help them step […]

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Self Storage? – by David

  • Confidence1_m

    Growing Confidence - by Linda

    . I listened to a training call recently where the facilitator briefly suggested growing confidence.  The comment confused me, after all, how do “grow” confidence?  It sounded like you could run ...Linda LangAug 1, 2015
  • SelfStorage

    Self Storage? - by David

    . One of the most ancient teachings across mystical traditions is usually stated, 'As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.' I've written about this before, but there are ...David Franklin FarkasAug 1, 2015
  • by jeltovski at o

    Hoofprint in Zen - Spirits Rising

    . Transcendence is a term which carries raw power, spiritual beauty, grace and a depth of soul. To transcend is to reach beyond the ordinary and seek to aspire ...Bob RushAug 1, 2015
  • Are you a Slave Slide

    Are You a Slave to Others' Expectations? - by Baba

    . When we unconsciously mumble in our minds about something that we don’t like or about some hurt feeling of the past what we are actually doing is affirming ...Shuddhaanandaa jiAug 1, 2015
  • Bright Logo with words

    Exploring the Akashic Records - by Sandra

    . From now on my two Akashic Records partners, who’ve collaborated with me in the Akashic Records since 2005, will also be writing articles for what is now “our” ...Sandra GelinasAug 1, 2015
  • essentialoil

    Back to Basics - by Lee

    . This year has been an adventure for me getting back to basics and discovering the beauty in nature and the power of what Mother Earth provides with the ...Lee PrykeAug 1, 2015
  • holistic_pose

    Tools for Transformation: Grounding - by Danielle

    . It may seem counter-intuitive but the greatest tool is Spiritual transformation is Grounding.  When a person is grounded and centered within themselves they are able to reach higher ...DanielleAug 1, 2015
  • dw

    Dragons Wisdom ~ Rose Quartz - by Sara

    . Speak your Truth . Speak with Honesty . Speak with Love . It is time you made your voice heard; that you are not only honest with yourself about how things make you feel ...Sara JaneAug 1, 2015
  • snowy-April-294-1024x576_m

    A Holy Rober! - by Annette

    . I am an Interfaith Minister!  Bet you didn’t know that about me, did you.  How could you when I have no shingle hanging in front of my home. ...Annette Rochelle AbenAug 1, 2015

    Intentional Living - by Jonathan

    . I had a semi-catastrophic event happen recently that momentarily left me in a frozen state of shock. It had to do with finance. It was the kind of ...Jonathan OjanperaAug 1, 2015
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How to Make a Protection Charm – by Ariel

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