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As a former native of Scotland, I find I have spent more time now in my adopted country Canada than in the UK. I love living here especially in the Nations capital Ottawa. I stayed so long because I love the four seasons, each one bringing in its own delight. From -35 to + 35 our winters and summers help us to appreciate the seasons more. Recently retired two years ago to live a life of golf, reading and travel. Four days was enough and onto a new career, as a coach, author and to publish a book! Speaking will be the next thing to be add. I love my new found energy and restored life. It feels so full and filled with potential. Going with the flow, watching expectantly as new opportunities, ideas and people to help me appear magically in my life. I met Kat through linked in (chance or opportunity?) We chatted and would have gone on for longer if not for my next appointment!


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