2018 Step Forward Attitude – by Angela Horne

Starting the year off with a step forward attitude.
Rising above the fear based collage of doom and gloom to now peal back the paper that the collage of such was hiding. Look to the original paper it was pasted to, that is wear the truth is -not distorted -just real. To now see the blank canvas under all that pasted collage paper is the truth of soo much possibility and opportunity now imminently available to you in these new times of truth, love based community, society, and world as a whole -unite collectively and soar as a nation can and will succeed.

Working with a current “time line”/” frequency” as we cross over into a NEW. The time line has been from November 2017 to March 31st of the last blue moon.

I have watched from a far for a while now not saying much outside my own personal circle, and soo much has past since a year ago, however I feel now a time to speak for the reason I will lay out before you to perhaps assist in some way or another to heighten a frequency that has been dulled.

My observation looking in with an heighten awareness that keeps showing me how much, how many have become divided and separate and have used means of personal and social media/news as way to sway more of the same above(divide/separate) and even more supported segregation without really knowing what they are supporting as a whole. This unfortunately has been a temporarily set us back years that has taken soo many Great People to get here in the first place.  Now is a good time to rise above the naysayer and doom and gloom and shine your light, beleive in yourself to know you are here to be all that you can be and no one can beat you down, unless you allow.

What I have also learned recently how quickly people will pick “a side” based on their own personal journey and how in that journey the emotional wreckage that we pull upon and the ego that says I was done by wrongly, injustice or feelings of entitlement because of what had been done to us during that time of learning/lessons and how demanding and want redemption and atonement for what was done. We can only atone within ourselves and first forgive yourself of the matter period -only you set your limit of freedom. You see No limit is freedom – anything else is just speed bumps and road blocks to the truth that resides with in you. That truth is Freedom, that is a whole other story.

I see the last two years of this past to current has been a lot of challenges and struggle fighting for a cause to what extent and what are you fighting for and what is the means based on in which you fight? In other words, where and how many times have you given your power away to engage in an Inflated ego or emotion based entanglement on an issue in history, personal or not of your past that has gone astray or betrayed you – you bought into the “mindset of media engagement”. Media of the collective consciousness that has held you prisoner again. You find perhaps yourself looping around again and again out of fear of failure when in fact you succeeded – and perhaps also out of fear to climb through the window because the door was shut and by opening the door there was the unknown and so you left if shut-you mind tells you only proceed when the door opens – you see?

Personally, I can honestly say for my part in the education in all this as much as I agreed to hold space for the masses waking up, as many of us have agreed. I do feel like I want a refund for the “energy” I expelled, shit, I am exhausted. Trying to keep it together to assist with the much-needed new frequency now bestowed upon us that is right here right now people. Let’s not waste this opportunity that are before us and all around us now.

We are entering a time of uncertainty of the unknown, into uncharted areas and no longer feed this space with division, separateness and fear this needs to STOP today.

We must come to together as unified beings, human beings as a whole, not men or women, not white, not black, not red or yellow – all human beings. This identifying and dividing must stop. This division has left us “unavailable” to the higher vibration and higher frequencies to perform from a higher perspective to allow you to perceive new values and truth from a higher place and align with your Navigational circuit board from within that only comes from Source.

We all have the same physical structure, cellular, muscles, organs, veins, blood and heart that pumps and has the amazing capacity to expand and LOVE and Grow – that time is now. We have an opportunity to look around us at all the nonsense we have been numbed to and desensitized. To now we must get back on the road to empowering humans as a whole to the greater goodness of Love & Peace and Freedom as a whole.

For years now I have been speaking to old belief systems, polarities must fall away for very good reason and that reason is you. That B.S. (belief systems) can only own you if you allow for it to own you.  You owe it to yourself to show up fully and completely for the sake of yourself, family, and community everything else is a ripple effect. Now is the time to be in the New Frequency and rise above all the wavy shifts that is and has left us stagnate that has not cleared. To now clear the way so all that is not of love and respect for all human beings will fall away. Set your intention to rise above.

We are truly going through a revolution and truth in time in Age of Aquarius as this new dawn is truly upon us now.

Let’s choose to release yourself of the mindfuck that has the world in turmoil. Now is the time to be the leader/teacher you come here to be – you can no longer hide behind the cloak of being invisible and just hope things will change – you must act in being the change. We have an opportunity with a clean slate and cleanse our palate of all the bad tastes we have been swirling around in our mouth and mostly the words that have gotten rotten because we felt powerless in saying with great love and kindness that we are what we have been asking, begging, praying and stamping our feet for change – change is here – now show up – you are the NEW you are the change you have “waited” to see in the world – no more waiting my friends -NOW!

So what is now? Well its time of elevating, transcending what no longer assists us. Discernment and letting go of the “emotional attachments” of what we “think” to happen. The emotional attachments that keep us bound/anchored to our past that are only hindering our growth to be in the moment the now and make decisions base from the heart. Now is the time to unify all – no more steps backwards lets go forward– time now is to progress.

One more final thought here;

January 31st is the blue moon, a good time to release, and consider it a gate way of opportunity to move forward. There is no full moon in February and another 2 full moons in March.  Remembering of what we no longer accept in us or around us no longer accept war, hate, division, segregation, hunger, disease, suffering, pain and lost -and so it is done. We invite, unconditional love, compassion, understanding, heart warth, caring centered beings.

Let’s DO Remember the people, men and women that fought, got us here to this freedom of opportunities with us, around us and in front of us right now to aspire and say YES to co-create with Source frequency/vibrations, love, peace, freedom co-create to co-habitat with communities of wellness, acceptance individuality, gardening to feed and assist, helping one another for the acceleration of truth and freedom always and forever- and so it is done.

P.S – please let’s get over first “giving our power away”, second to the “glass ceiling” – what if the glass ceiling was and is already shattered and by “thinking” it wasn’t is giving your power away to less than you deserve. Let’s imagine infinite possibilities and no ceiling at all for it’s only a limitation the minds want to engage in and sets yes again more limitations. Be fearless my friend!!

God has given you skills and abilities to empower yourself and to be and go beyond..


Angela Horne
TRANS4U2SUCCESS COACH – GET REAL BIZ 4U Intuitive/medium, author, artist, business heart centered


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