A Mosaic for you and I – Susanne W.

Mosaics have been around and used by artists for approximately 4,000 years. The artwork or pattern created through the work of the artist has helped many people heal throughout these years.
The frequency all artists use to create a piece of work has the ability to heal us all and the largest living piece of work that could be classed as a Mosaic is the living breathing one that we all live on every single day.

Cycles change every second of every day as the Mosaic is renewed constantly to help all that are using this planet as their temporary home. It is this which inspired the following poem.



There is a living stunning mosaic, for us all to see,

It is called Gaia, or Mother Earth, where we all chose to be,

We visited her, long before we came to stay,

Choosing our families, we watched from afar,

Watching the changes by night, and by day

We saw the Mosaic change every second, without our say,

The temporary home we so carefully chose never stays still,

It is after all our temporary abode.


Everything changes whatever it is,

Trees shed their leaves, making the Mosaics bed,

The squirrels they love to hide acorns in droves,

The birds fly around in straight lines,

To lighten the planet, as it moves its frequency through,

Time moves forward and so do the seasons,

After all, they have their own reasons.


Autumn brings the changing colours of leaves, ready for the sleep of the trees,

Winter brings the white of the snow, and icicles to thoroughly cleanse the earth,

Spring heralds a time of re birth, and the Mosaic changes bringing life back to this earth,

The tiny shoots grow until they can be seen, the sleeping is over as the canvas is now green,

Summer brings in the wonderful colours of flowers and fruits in abundance after hours and hours.

If you think this Mosaic is boring please look again,

You see us mere mortals are part of the plan,

We change the Mosaic at a whim as we grow, throwing out colour that no longer shows,

The blue of the seas turn white with our waste,

Oh my have we a problem, some try to turn back in haste,


The Animals and Nature are our duty too,

To see the Mosaic change is something we do,

Let us unite one and all to keep the Mosaic bright,

The community it nurtures is so in our favour,

Calling us forward to see how it’s grown,

Being unique is thoroughly shown, the community, Mosaic will always embrace,

The humans and everything that balances the earth,

You see this Mosaic is conscious and it breaths, life into all,

Better look after it- we don’t want it to fall.

This Mosaic my friends is always changing as we all take our place,

In the circle of life, some stay for longer and the Mosaic takes note,

After all we move forwards towards our soul goals.


So nurture this Mosaic as the lessons abound, after all it supports,

Us all being around, take note of its changes, as they are the key,

To serving the planet and oh yes you and me.

Mosaics come and Mosaics go but the creative frequency of this one,

Keeps all life aglow.


Better be careful and keep all afloat,

Mosaics are creations and that makes them special,

Someone designed it, their frequency was needed,

It’s why we all come here to serve, heal and balance,

We are drawn to the frequencies here on the earth,

It’s the reason so many types of healing are here at this time,

Creativity after all, is the greatest healing gift to us all.



About author

This article was written by Suzanne Williams


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