A recipe for fun – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Does food excite you? Do you enjoy cooking?  Do you enjoy talking about food with others?  I am raising my hand to all the above and then some because I also enjoy eating the food. Well, why not start a recipe club!

A recipe club is where a group of people connect to share recipes that they love! This can be 3 people or as many as 10, who meet once a month and swap recipes. Of course, the beauty of gathering together with others, is you are also learning about different cooking techniques and heritage cooking. Your family may have eaten German food but someone else in your group may have been raised eating French food. While baking is baking and frying is frying, there may be subtle differences in the ways these cuisines are prepared that you can learn.  Naturally, everyone can exchange recipe cards each time they get together. That’s awesome!

Also, you have opportunities to share samples of different foods, for each member can bring something yummy to try. Maybe, you can arrange a field trip to a restaurant or factory to explore something no one in your group has mastered. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

For instance, a group of us gathered together recently and shared recipes and thoughts about the food we grew up eating. It was exciting. I learned so much, the others were thrilled to share, especially since I was so curious to know more.

We are making plans to stay connected and continue to share.  When I get recipes, I promise I will share. This is so exciting, a recipe for fun.


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