A ride in our beliefs

Beliefs started in the dawn of humanity tens of thousands of years ago. I don’t know how it started but in time we know it had many turns and diversions.
Paganism, Shamanism and Taoism routed through nature, animals and heavens. At some point they all pointed to oneness which almost all new age spiritual teachings aimed to, as well as Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Abraham rooted religions and many sub diversions of them mostly became organized religions on the planet. They have more followers than any other religion for the time being. The one single creator to worship idea was introduced. Actually in all the religious books, most of the time, the language used says “US” or “WE” instead of “ME”. A plural wording is used not a singular one. For readers who are not familiar with the Sumerian and the Babylonian tablets found in 19th and 20th century, dated 1500-3200 BC, it is a need to explain that most of the historical parts of these Holy Books and the Tablets share the same stories. The tablets predate the Holy Books by thousands of years. It is easy to say that these stories are Middle Eastern, Mesopotamian or Anatolian creation stories with some differences. The area is still in dispute and trouble to this day.TMH 6 Out

We learned from history that religion is not as binding or strong as race or nation. Although many wars are fought because of religion, mostly they were about power or money hidden from the people. They still are.

Actually almost all creation stories around the world have similar details. Time and distances did change the details but not the core of the stories.

In either case we somehow believe in something with different names. We can even consider an absolute belief in science a new type of religion. New religions will keep coming.
We all seem to forget the real meaning and teaching of religions but we all remember the practice of them.

Here is a quick Million Dollar Question: What happens if we see a space ship landing on a public place tomorrow and the beings come out and say hi?

What we will believe in the next day? Will we wonder what do they believe in or will we try to convert them to our religion or belief? Why do we all try to convince and convert people to our beliefs on the planet? Why do we fight over it?

Do we need aliens to teach us not to fight over beliefs?

What do you believe and how you live that belief in your life is your business. It is not a discussion for anyone as well as anyone’s beliefs is not your business.

We have so many things that we need to fight for in life, belief is just not one of them.

Whatever you believe in is always divine, because you believe in… It is good enough…

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This article was written by Hakan Akdogan

I am a student of life. Traveled to 91 countries to see how life on earth is...Attended over 300 seminars, meetings and conferences to understand the paths and meanings. Finally started to the real mission... “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


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