A Seasoned Life – By Annette Rochelle Aben

Might this be the autumn of your life?  Have you ever thought about your life as seasons? If we were to ponder this, how would it look?

We’re born into the Spring of our lives.  We are young, fresh energy, exploding out of a seed of creation, into a world that is strange and new.  We’re bright, shining shades of green that fill the world with hope. We need lots of emotional nurturing to help us grow as we become the physical representation of our soul’s purpose.

Next, we reach the Summer of our lives. Energy to the max, we are movement in every sense of the word. Spreading our wings, and rising to every challenge that comes our way. From climbing the corporate ladder to marrying/settling down, acquiring property and raising a family.  We are here to establish our place in the world, come hell or high water!

Now, the Autumn of our lives seems to sneak up on tip toes. Some of passion’s flames seem to wane as we may find ourselves wanting to pull back from the “needing to be everywhere yesterday” energy. We find more appreciation in moments and enjoy the maturation of our decision-making processes. We seek the warmth of comfortable sweaters over the flash of fashion. A bike ride through the park might be more appealing than burning the candle at both ends. We find ourselves chuckling over some of the wild and crazy things we did in our youth and pray we’ve learned our lessons.

Yes, the autumn of our lives can be as delightful as biting into a crisp apple. As cozy as the heat from the campfire, where we roast marshmallows while telling ghost stories. And as colorful as the jewel toned- carpet of leaves that crunch under our feet as we go for a walk.

Should this be where YOU are in your life, my hope for you is that you are happy. That you can honestly say, this is the best autumn you’ve experienced thus far.

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