Act IV of My Life – by Roseann


Each time I think “nothing has changed since I turned my life to working with Spirit”, spirit shows me how everything has changed because I now see everything from a different perspective.
I now see life as a play and wonder how the next act will “Play” out. Are we having fun yet? What could be the pay off for living life as we planned it? The payoff must be grand for our higher selves to put us in these creations. Some of us have designed lives filled with amazing joy. Yet, others have created lives filled with hardship after hardship. The thing is we have all experienced many diversities in each the many incarnations we chose to be a part. No matter what a life looks like from the outside, the joys and hardships are all part of everyone’s life. It shows up in unique ways because here on earth we have taken on unique personalities. When we cross, we realize we are experiencing for each other as we are all one.

It is difficult to accept that we chose to live lives with pain, disease, loss or physical or mental challenge. The choosing may have been out of love for ourselves or for another. (“I will live this life and have this Illness so you can serve in a way you have not had the opportunity to do in life so far”.)

What a grand gesture it is to allow others to serve at the expense of your own health or wealth or whatever challenge needs to be experienced for the “other person” to serve.

As much as it hurt to watch my formerly healthy son’s body deteriorate at the end of his life, unable to move his own body due to the brain tumor, unable to speak to us, I recognized that he offered to his SWAT TEAM buddies an opportunity to serve his needs as he was dying. It was beautiful to watch the love offered from one man to another as they lifted and moved him from chair to bed, bed to bath. They offered such respect, caring, gentleness, and generosity of time attending his needs 24/7. I was and still am so grateful to these 15 men who stayed with my son and his wife for three weeks so he could remain home until his death.

His beautiful wife also stepped up to this challenge. So many others might have run away, but she stood in strength and courage and took on the care with all the love in her heart. Not only did she attend his needs, but she ensured he got outside and went to the park for picnic lunches even though she had to help lift him to the wheel chair, she carried on the conversation for both of them and showed him pictures so he would always feel he had a choices. She made sure that he had all the loving care he could possibly want from the time of his diagnosis, through the three surgeries, radiation, chemo and eventually loss of motor skills. 15 months of watching her husband go from health to death.

As we stood at his death bed, I told her how grateful I was for her care of my beloved only son and she said, “I did not do anything for him that he would not have done for me.” I knew at that moment that in some incarnation, the tides had been reversed and he was able to serve her at the time of her illness and maybe eventual death. It felt so clear and true. He offered to her, in this lifetime, the same reward that he had achieved due to his care of her in another lifetime.

This is only one example of how we choose out of love for the evolution of other souls. I wonder what the grand payoff is on the other side that would prompt any of us to come here and live these lives with the uncertainties, illnesses, challenging opportunities. Yet, for those of us who have tuned in, and all will eventually, we always find something to be grateful for. I am grateful my son had his wonderful wife and his team in his life at that time. I am grateful they were all there for me and maybe me for them. I also know that there was more going on through these interactions that I will be grateful for at some later time. I just know it!

So now I write with a mother of 98 years slowly dying in a nursing home, a husband debilitated by a stroke 15 years ago which continues to challenge his body more as each year passes. I look at my life and think I have been watching death approaching all around me for the last three years. Am I doing my part in the play of my life in the best possible way? Am I stepping up to the challenge as my daughter in law and my son’s teammates did? I hope so.

How is the play of your life going? Find your little things or big things to be grateful for and wonder what the next act will bring. Then know there is a grand payoff on the other side for all of us when we get there.

Roseann Heinrich

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This article was written by Roseann Heinrich

Hello everyone, I am an Angel Therapy® Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue and an accredited t’ai chi chih® instructor. I am recently retired from the corporate world and building my spirtiual business working with the angels. I have dabbled in writing and have started 3 books. I currently write for another ezine and I am hoping to expand my writing so that the angels can work through me in a greater way. I love channeling and I adore my work with the angels. I have been certified as a Reiki Master, an Energy Coach and I am a minister of the Universal Life Church. Along the way, I have studied astrology, NLP, and a myriad of other metaphysical modalities. It is time for me to bring it all together and devote myself to helping others find their path. I am grateful to be on board here at “Where The Magic Happens”. Namaste’


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