Adventure – Carpe Diem! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal


Life is an adventure, every day is an adventure, a golden opportunity for adventure, seize it!

Or as Horace wrote in the first book of his work Odes ”Carpe diem”, seize the day, seize the moment. In other words make use of, enjoy, pick up the possibilities for adventure.

If you knew you would die in an accident tomorrow, net year or in five years, what would be the things you would make a priority? Which adventures would you like to embark?

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In the first years of coaching there was a very expensive, slightly secret coaching seminar that many leaders of the big companies just felt they had to have. It was all about ”what makes you go!” Which things in your life just makes you tick, give you a kick, make you happy or give a smile on your face. When the main one or two, three things were found, the rest of the seminar was to find out what kept you back from doing it and stimulating you to do it.

The aim was that you would go home and pick up the drums or bass guitar, buy a camera, start painting or dancing, learn a language, create your own company, invent a few new things, start charity, take the neighbours kids to the mountains, start diving or any other things that makes your soul grow and bloom.

No adventure in life is more fulfilling than the growth and manifestation of the potential within. Often it might need just the opposite of what you have been giving it. Perhaps it does not need a new book or exam, a new gadget or more money. It might be that it just needs your time, your priority and you opening the door in your mind. Life is made in the way that the most import in your life is always possible!

So why not just do it!

Right now and here you can create the adventure of your life, because it is just about taking the next step of your journey, it does not need to be expensive.

It does not need to be huge and fancy. Actually you should not let one day pas without an adventure, every day you should have something to look forward to that you just do to complete the purpose of your life, your blooming and manifestation of the better you, the you to be – today!

What will be the adventure of today? And why not also today open the door to the adventure of your life?

Let the magic happen now!


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