Akashic Alliance: “Are Multiple Lifetimes Happening Now?” – by Sandra Gelinas

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Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lived several lives during this lifetime? I have felt this way for some time. Being born and growing up in Saudi Arabia, going away to high school for a year in Rome and two years in New York, moving to California for university, and then accompanying my husband to Australia for 22 years there, becoming a mother to my two sons, and then finally moving back to the US – I get a bit dizzy just thinking about it all. Each one of these periods of time feels distinctly unique and I was such a different person in each one. Frankly, I’m amazed all of them could have happened to me.

And now I feel like this is accelerating. It seems that I’m living multiple lives all at the same time. As I assist a good friend of mine with her move to the Asheville area, I don my helper hat and I am an industrious and efficient mover’s assistant. As my husband and I lovingly care for our elderly and beloved kitty who’s slowly making his transition, I feel the pull to slow down and merge with Phoenix and spend more quiet time with my dear husband. During all this, I continue to put on my Akashic facilitator hat as I’m excited to almost be ready to launch an innovative new online training that step by step walks people through how to access and explore their Akashic Records, give presentations about the Records to enthusiastic groups, and always am honored to take clients into their Akashic Records to help them find the transformations their souls are seeking.

Redbud Tree Blooming

View of my front yard with spring Redbud tree.

According to my calendar, today is a quiet day of writing time. So my Records have invited me to slow down a bit. They remind me that it’s equally important to take the time to look after myself more lovingly by eating a bit better, finding the time to take a slow walk and admire the beautiful spring that’s just arrived here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and to breathe. While I may feel like my life has accelerated into experiencing multiple lives simultaneously, I’m now understanding that inner peace and loving what I do throughout each day is what is most important. I realize once again how blessed I am at this time in my life to be able to do all that I do and especially to do it with so much joy and delight.

In my younger years, I certainly did not experience much inner peace and definitely not during hectic times. I would easily become snappy, irritable, and exhausted. Regular daily meditation along with accessing and exploring my Records over the past 10 years has given me a way to clear many of my fears, detrimental emotions, and outdated beliefs from my current life, my ancestral lineage, and past lives. The result is that today I am calmer within myself. Since I have greater inner strength, I find I can handle those unavoidable stressful and hectic times more easily.

How are you doing? Do you feel like you’ve lived multiple lifetimes in this life? Is it perhaps time for you to pause, to gift yourself with some private quiet time, and to remember to breathe? I hope so.

I’d love to hear from you!

Radiance and Love,

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This article was written by Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas is a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records. She makes it easy for her clients and students to access and explore the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and intentions of their souls. Discover and release current or past life challenges, ancestral issues, detrimental stored emotions, and outdated beliefs, to enjoy greater clarity, grace, and ease in all areas of your life. Sandra’s 30 + years of metaphysical experience, including a Masters in Metaphysical Ed. and certification in Past Life Regression and Inception Point Therapy®, enhance her work with the Records. During an Akashic session, your thoughtfully prepared questions ensure we reach the heart of what matters most to you.


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