Akashic Alliance: “Communicating with Your Inner Child” – by Sandra Gelinas

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Have you ever wished there was a way you could tell your younger self that you grew up amazingly well? That all her many doubts and fears only helped make you stronger? That regardless of her home environment, she has incredible gifts and you’re proof that she will learn to use many of them brilliantly? That she is always loved because you remember her and love her even if your parents were unable to do that very well?

Accessing your Akashic Records gives you the ability to meet and communicate with your younger self at crucial formative times in your life. How do I facilitate something like that for myself or a client? It’s actually pretty simple and easy – especially since we have the support of the Records, the Divine, and whatever else might be helpful – like fairies and angels if they’re appropriate for a particular Inner Child.

While I have no set way that I always communicate with an Inner Child when indicated by the Records or requested by a client, the following is a basic outline that will give you an idea of what this process is like.

Inner Child

Akashic Inner Child Exploration

Let’s say you’ve become aware you’re still operating under an old program, fear or belief – like for example – “I’m shy.” When you think about that for a bit you realize a more accurate statement might be: “I’m shy, particularly around adults.” So perhaps you contact me for an Akashic Session because you’re tired of this shyness making relationships and your career a challenge.

After I take you with me into your Records, I’ll have you read out your questions to your Records as a group. Some of them might be: “When did I start being shy, particularly around adults? Why did this happen? What have I been learning from being shy? What is a more positive way I could still learn this? What can we do right now so I start being more and more comfortable being with and talking to adults?

When Inner Child work is indicated, I often begin by asking your Records how old you were when you first began to experience the issue . I’ll say something like: “Just be with me as I ask your Records for the age when you first began to be shy – particularly around adults – and let that number pop into your awareness.” Then we’ll share what we received. Sometimes the numbers are the same, sometimes there is a younger and an older version and the Records will let us know how we can work with both.

Even very young children – infants or 1 or 2 year olds without any or much language can be a rich source of information. How is this possible? That’s because everything you see, sense, hear, or know when you’re working with your Inner Child in your Akashic Records is symbolic of what was happening to her at that time. Please remember this. What comes is symbolic and not necessarily reality (although it can have aspects of reality). If your Inner Child happens to be 3 years old or older – then they’ll have enough language skills to communicate with you in words through your Records. It’s still all from her personal perspective. We’ll both be open on all our clair-senses to all your Inner Child has to share with you.

To become detached from your younger self so her potential emotions (can’t overwhelm the current you, I often guide a client through how to “breathe out” your Inner Child gently and lovingly. So when we’re done, she can be happier and have more fun in her life. I always find it helpful to use my imagination to assist me with this.

As I intend to breathe my Inner Child out at the appropriate age – I see and know myself at that time, even if it’s only a vague recollection of an old black and white photograph – in front of me now. Please note for your own peace of mind and for your Inner Child that when we’re complete, I’ll always help you to reintegrate your Inner Child within you again. We’re not banishing her or putting her in the spotlight to punish her. No! We’re just getting some distance between the two of you so you can HELP her, answer her questions, and basically love her.

Once my client has completed this temporary separation, I invite us both to take a moment to notice what the Inner Child is doing and feeling. I’ve met all types of Inner Children in this way – from bold, sassy ones that stand up straight and tall and start talking right away to shy, sensitive, quiet ones that appear to be hiding behind something like a big chair and have to be coaxed out and encouraged to speak. How they first present is an uncanny representation of this person as a child – even though I’ve never met my client.

The questions my client has brought to her Records will dictate where we go from here. Often the Records invite me to ask this Inner Child questions like: “How do you feel? What happened at this time? Or Why are you upset?” Perhaps another question for this Inner Child might be: “What would you like to tell us that the adults never let you ask or talk about?

Since my client is also participating as an awake, aware, and alert reporter of her Records, we can put together what we both receive. We gather insights, experience forgiveness of self and others, and most importantly – are very willing to see, hear, sense, and deeply know this young self – loving her unconditionally and acknowledging her in ways that she often has never experienced. Sometimes old beliefs are Divinely healed, cleared, and released while new and more appropriate ones are created and Divinely downloaded.

Sometimes, with a little Divine assistance, the Inner Child very quickly releases what was bothering her and then the present time self comes forward to ask other questions about the experience that are still there for her. Children often shift and change very quickly, especially if their emotional wounds are not very deep. Adults can find it more challenging to let go of long held beliefs or pains, especially when others at later ages are added to the initial shock or trauma.

Embracing Your Inner Child

Embracing Your Inner Child

Once my client feels complete, the Inner Child is transformed, and the Records have nothing else to add, we reintegrate the present time self with the Inner Child. You can do part of this process for yourself any time you desire to send loving energy to your Inner Child. Carefully extend your arms. Imagine your Inner Child is directly in front of you. Scoop her up and lovingly place her back in your heart. You might like to leave your hands over your heart for a few minutes as you love on your Inner Child. Tell her everything you wish you’d heard when you were her age. I hope you come back and visit with her again soon.

Perhaps you’ll meet me at the doorway to your Akashic Records sometime and we’ll go exploring together in an Akashic Session. Or even better – you could learn to access and explore your Records through my online or LIVE teleseminar series trainings, so you can meet your Inner Child in this very special Akashic way.
Blessings to your Inner Child!

In Radiance and Love,

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This article was written by Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas is a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records. She makes it easy for her clients and students to access and explore the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and intentions of their souls. Discover and release current or past life challenges, ancestral issues, detrimental stored emotions, and outdated beliefs, to enjoy greater clarity, grace, and ease in all areas of your life. Sandra’s 30 + years of metaphysical experience, including a Masters in Metaphysical Ed. and certification in Past Life Regression and Inception Point Therapy®, enhance her work with the Records. During an Akashic session, your thoughtfully prepared questions ensure we reach the heart of what matters most to you.


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  1. Rhea Dopmeijer says - Posted: July 1, 2017

    wonderful article and shared with pleasure dear Sandra <3 have a wonderful weekend

    • Sandra Gelinas says - Posted: July 1, 2017

      Dear Rhea – I’m glad you enjoyed my article about communicating with your inner child. I’ve had many wonderful adventures in the Records with this part we all have. It’s such a delight to be able to witness them changing from fearful or uncertain to happy, empowered children. Thanks for sharing my article too!

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