Finding Luminosity with the Akashic Records – by Sandra Gelinas

Isn’t “luminosity” – our theme word for May –  a magnificent word? It rolls right off the tongue with such energy, richness, and magic. For me it evokes images and feelings of a gently penetrating and unconditionally loving, radiant Light with a feeling of comfort, sweet effervescence, and true enlightenment.

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You might wonder how I have such a visceral concept of luminosity. What have I experienced that created this for me? Where has this come from?

When I’m in the Akashic Records – whether my own, a client’s, or most especially the Records of a group of people – I often experience moments of this exact luminosity. The Akashic Alliance Method to Open – consisting of a seven step process of spoken words and dynamic energetics – connects me to the Records in a unique way. This is a heart connection, powered by my love, my desire for Truth, and my intention to serve the highest good as guided by the Divine.


Connecting to the Records facilitates moments of luminosity where I sense and know that I am connected not only with the Records, but also with my perception of the Divine.

So, yes – luminosity is right up there with transcendence for me. As my Inner Divinity remembers yet again that it is never separate from the Divine, my whole being is infused with Divine Light. While I’m aware, awake, and alert, we communicate in words, visions, and feelings. The result is my knowing that once again I’ve been “eye to eye and heart to heart” with the Divine. I use those particular words because they give me a visual of what this Divine communion feels like to me.

No more do I feel lost, lonely or unsupported as I did throughout my childhood and most of my adult years. All that time I was longing for this luminous connection with the Divine, but had no idea what I was seeking. Once I started discovering my true self through exploring my Records, my soul in all its lifetimes became illuminated and accessible. That’s when I finally realized I’d always been seeking my personal and direct connection to the Divine.

I’m always grateful to have found this way to communicate with my Higher Self, my soul, my Records, Angels, Highest Guides, and of course the Divine. Actually, my connection with the Divine is so real and so personal now that the name I invoke for what is most sacred and holy to me is “Mother Divine.”

This Divine Feminine aspect is what I turn to for solace, assistance, encouragement, and enlightenment. She is the source of the Divine Direct Action I request when ready for transformation during my Records sessions. She has never turned away from me although I can forget and drift away from Her. I know this relationship I have forged with Her will continue to grow and deepen while it sustains me. I am so thankful to have found my own way home – finally.

Springtime is the most luminous time of the year for me, the time I feel most connected to the Divine through nature’s rebirth. I’ve just had a delightful time wandering around our beautiful property here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina taking pictures that inspire me. My desire is to capture the exuberant vitality of spring growth as the plants and trees wake from their winter’s rest.

Spring Phlox on Rock WallThese are two of my favorite photos from this spring’s journey that reveal the luminosity of nature.

To the left is the lavender phlox that cascades down a rock wall. Below is our magnificent Red Bud tree whose feminine elegance graces our front yard, welcoming all who come to visit.
2016 Spring Red bud 400 X 300
If you too have been longing for greater luminosity in your life, then I invite you to join me in my affirmation for May:

“I now joyfully welcome the luminosity of what is most sacred and holy to me to fill and inspire every moment of my life.
I choose to live my entire life within this Light!”

About author

This article was written by Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas is a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records. She makes it easy for her clients and students to access and explore the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and intentions of their souls. Discover and release current or past life challenges, ancestral issues, detrimental stored emotions, and outdated beliefs, to enjoy greater clarity, grace, and ease in all areas of your life. Sandra’s 30 + years of metaphysical experience, including a Masters in Metaphysical Ed. and certification in Past Life Regression and Inception Point Therapy®, enhance her work with the Records. During an Akashic session, your thoughtfully prepared questions ensure we reach the heart of what matters most to you.


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