Akashic Alliance: “Seeking the Divine” – by Sandra Gelinas

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Have you been searching for many years in a variety of ways for a personal connection to what is sacred and holy to you?

  • Perhaps you have been meditating, journaling, or embarked on pilgrimages to sacred sites only to feel you must be missing something?
  • Maybe your longing has led you to certification and even degrees in a variety of metaphysical and spiritual subjects. Yet after all those hours of exhaustive study, does your thirst for knowledge still makes you wonder how to know what is Truth for you?

    Damanhur Sky

    Sky above spiritual community of Damanhur – Northern Italy

  • Have you thought the way to find inner peace is by being an active member of a religious or spiritual church? Maybe submerging yourself in a group will show you the way, right? Only to discover that community was not the answer either?
  • Or are you just beginning this journey of discovery – wishing you had some kind of spiritual practice guaranteed to illuminate the Divine for you, even though you have no real idea what that experience might be like?

Over many long years, I searched for my personal Truth in all these ways and more. I looked for Truth with the capital “T” that signifies Divine Truth to me, not just what I believe to be true or what others say is true.

Even when I had a thriving career where I was of service to my community and a family to come home to with two amazing sons and a helpful husband – they were not enough. Loneliness was my constant companion – a heart-breaking loneliness that often brought me to tears – even though I was generally a very positive person.

I had no idea back then that I was lonely for a real and personal relationship with the Divine!

Have you been lonely too?

All my seeking for Truth was a step-by-step journey inwards to find my true self and then directly connect with what is sacred and holy to me. If I realized this in the beginning, I probably would have been overwhelmed and quit. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss!

So what happened?

I kept searching, asking my highest guidance to show me my path.

Eventually I found a teacher who showed me how to open my Akashic Records – the energetic database of my soul in all of its lifetimes. Finally, here was the wisdom I had been seeking – the truth of my soul.

I started out asking one simple question, the only one that I asked my Records for several months: “What fear can I release today?” With the help of my Records, I discovered and released fear after fear. These days it is hard for me to relate to the fearful woman that I was. She is no longer who I am.

Gradually, after years spent exploring the Records and with the vital assistance of my twoAkashic Alliance Akashic Alliance partners, the Records began to build a bridge for us from the Records to the Divine. It starts in our hearts. We are now honored to share this process with our clients and students.

While I certainly do not experience bliss and Divine Connection all day every day or always act from my authentic self, I do live every day better. I do my best to be aware that I am always at a moment of choice and that when I choose Love instead of fear, then I experience more inner peace. Happiness, contentment, and gratitude are now my companions because I have an ongoing personal relationship with the Divine. The result – I never feel lonely!

More and more I find myself living in Love. There is that capital “L” to remind me that now I am referring to Divine Love.

Whatever you are searching for, maybe it is actually Divine Love. Exploring my Akashic Records is how I finally found the Divine. Perhaps your Records will be your doorway too!

You are never alone. What is sacred and holy to you walks right beside you. Each step you take brings you closer to being all your soul desires in this lifetime.

Lean back and listen to the AUDIO version of this article:

If you too have been longing for Divine Connection,
then I invite you to join me in my affirmation for July:

“I now rest gratefully in the welcoming arms of the Divine!”

About author

This article was written by Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas is a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records. She makes it easy for her clients and students to access and explore the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and intentions of their souls. Discover and release current or past life challenges, ancestral issues, detrimental stored emotions, and outdated beliefs, to enjoy greater clarity, grace, and ease in all areas of your life. Sandra’s 30 + years of metaphysical experience, including a Masters in Metaphysical Ed. and certification in Past Life Regression and Inception Point Therapy®, enhance her work with the Records. During an Akashic session, your thoughtfully prepared questions ensure we reach the heart of what matters most to you.


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