Akashic Alliance: “Setting Free a Broken Heart” – by Sandra Gelinas

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Exploring past lives with the Akashic Records is often a fascinating experience for both client and facilitator – and one that results in distinct improvements for the client. No longer do I spend at least 30 minutes regressing clients as I did years ago during traditional Past Life Regressions.

Instead, once I bring clients into their Records with me and they read aloud their questions to their Records, then their Records gently share with us as much information as clients require.

When we delve into past lives with the Records and a client’s thoughtfully prepared questions, I believe we discover true past lives or a story, metaphor, or allegory from the client’s soul or subconscious because she’s now ready to release it. Most past lives are very mundane. It is rare indeed that a historical figure is present.

Whatever your understanding of past lives, the Records are brilliant at bringing to our attention whatever we’re ready to understand at a deeper level.

Recently one of my clients requested an Akashic session. Jenny had discovered a lifetime where she was a follower of Jesus. Since she was still feeling much pain from that lifetime – a deep sense of sorrow and grief – Jenny desired to explore these feelings more deeply and anything else from that lifetime that would be beneficial.

Once we had accessed her Records together, I asked Jenny to read her questions aloud as a group to her Records. Here they are:

  • What, if any, patterns might have emerged from the lifetime with Jesus that I could release at this time? What was my life like as his follower?
  • Were there any vows that I might have made consciously or unconsciously about not allowing myself to love as deeply or any other kind of vows?
  • What became of me after Jesus died? How did I die? What were my last thoughts as I was dying? What were my first thoughts as I was evaluating my life after having left my body? What else could I benefit from understanding about that lifetime?
  • What impact, if any, did this lifetime have on my subsequent lifetime choices? How did experiences from this lifetime affect my engagement with spirituality in other lifetimes?
  • How can we now release the pain that I still carry from this lifetime?
Jesus teaching his followers.

Jesus teaching his followers.

By the end of our time together in her Records, we discovered Jenny had been a young, highly sensitive, male teenager without family or regular work. Joining Jesus’s community of followers gave him a much needed feeling of family and structure. He was intensely spiritual and idealistic, with excessive emotions that bounced quickly from euphoria to despair. In current times, he might have been labeled bi-polar. The soul’s primary purpose in that lifetime was to seek emotional balance.

After Jesus’s crucifixion, Jenny’s Records shared that this teenager became very despondent:

This happened because of your love of Jesus… and more than that. It was for the vision he helped you and so many people to see. When Jesus died, you felt his beautiful vision of the world was no longer possible.

We bring this up because you vowed then never to allow yourself to love deeply again since you were so disheartened, discouraged. It’s like you lost your heart when Jesus died. In your despair, you thought, What is the point of loving deeply if even Jesus can’t have and be all that he taught?”

Shortly afterwards, this teenager wandered off into the desert and perished. Since Jenny had been crying softly during this entire exploration, I knew connecting with this lifetime touched her deeply. Now all her questions were answered to her satisfaction, Jenny confirmed she was ready  to move on.

Now here is the important part of this whole experience – how it resolved.

Once Jenny had enough information from her Records, she was eager to discover the Divine Direct Action required to heal and release her and this lifetime from their pain.

Stepping into the Light of the Divine

Stepping into the Light of the Divine

First, her Records guided Jenny to deeply forgive Jesus and herself in that lifetime for all those painful experiences and misconceptions. She easily released the now irrelevant vow to never again allow herself to love as deeply. Then her Records brought Jenny directly in front of the Divine through a powerful Akashic Alliance prayer process called “Heart Integration.”

Once she was eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart with the Divine and Jesus, Jenny was finally able to connect, welcome, and fully receive on all the levels of her being (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) the unconditional love of Jesus. Her past life also gratefully absorbed this Divine Love. Eventually she felt complete and we concluded by closing her Records with gratitude and love. By then I noticed Jenny’s voice was much lighter, she wasn’t crying, and she told me she felt great.

Before we disconnected, I asked Jenny if I could write an article with the questions she brought for her Records, what we discovered, and the resolution of her pastlife. She happily agreed and promptly emailed her original questions.

I’ve asked Jenny to read and edit this article as she will remember more accurately than me what occurred during our time together in her Records and also the changes she noticed afterwards. She kindly added some helpful clarifications.

Then Jenny went on to report that her session was deeply cathartic; her feelings of burbling grief and heartache that led to the session are gone. She adds: “Forgiving myself and Jesus has lifted a weight off my heart. I feel lighter and happier now.”

Perhaps someday you too will decide to meet me at the doorway to your Akashic Records! I’ll be honored to take you with me into your Records so you can delve deeply and evolve.

My personal affirmation for November is from
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD:

‘I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”

In Radiance and Love – Sandra

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About author

This article was written by Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas is a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records. She makes it easy for her clients and students to access and explore the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and intentions of their souls. Discover and release current or past life challenges, ancestral issues, detrimental stored emotions, and outdated beliefs, to enjoy greater clarity, grace, and ease in all areas of your life. Sandra’s 30 + years of metaphysical experience, including a Masters in Metaphysical Ed. and certification in Past Life Regression and Inception Point Therapy®, enhance her work with the Records. During an Akashic session, your thoughtfully prepared questions ensure we reach the heart of what matters most to you.


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