Akashic Alliance: The Magic and Mystery of Forgiveness – by Nancy Ring

I love our monthly Akashic Gathering calls. The words my Akashic Records gave me to summarize my answers for a process entitled “The Magic and Mystery of Forgiveness” explain why:

“Forgiveness is the magic that turns tragedy and trauma into growth. It does more than simply set us free. It opens us up to more. Rather than allowing us to stay small and hurt, forgiveness transforms darkness into expansion and light.”

These wise words fit what others received on the call as well. While revolutionary just a few years ago, the idea that offering forgiveness is distinct from condoning, and actually sets the forgiver free now is fairly broadly understood. But on that night’s call, example after example underscored the transformative and expansive powers of forgiveness.

“If I hadn’t had this horrible experience with Person X, I wouldn’t have learned Y, and I now wouldn’t be able to experience Z, which is one of the great joys of my life.”

One person after another told stories that fit this pattern as we related what our Records had told us. And once again, the shared themes opened us to important spiritual truths, which, of course, is why we do these calls.

Not only that, but the breadth of experiences we reported was pretty impressive. No matter what wrong was done, or whether we were the perpetrator or the receiver, the recipe for expansion and light was the same.

  1. Take harm of any kind, weight or volume,
  2. Add heart-felt, often challenging and perhaps hard-granted forgiveness,
  3. Surrender the outcome to your spirit, soul, higher self or whatever you call that part of you that is eternal,
  4. Allow and watch for signs of transformation, expansion and more light,
  5. Express gratitude to all concerned.

Truth be told, the Records added that fifth gratitude step just now. But as I look back, we all talked about it.

Every description shared contained an element of, “And if I hadn’t been through that horrible experience, this wonderful thing wouldn’t have happened.”

“You see,” my Records are reminding me, “Once you get to gratitude, you can open to and receive the expansion and the light. The gratitude is both a byproduct of the experience and a necessary ingredient.”

This wisdom certainly fits with our experience that night. We all ended up talking about how grateful we now were for the wrongs that once had pained us so, and the guilt shame from which we never thought we’d be free.

And that certainly fits my definition of mystery and magic. You too?

About author

This article was written by Nancy Ring

Nancy Ring accesses the Akashic Records to connect people to the guidance and healing energy of their souls. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, she has been guiding and teaching others in the Akashic Records for over ten years. In addition to her Akashic work, Nancy is also an executive coach and an organizational development and training consultant for corporations and non-profits in the US, Europe and Asia.


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