All Around My Hat – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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All around my hat I will wear the green willow
And all around my hat for a twelve-month and a day
And if anyone should ask me the reason why I’m wearing it
It’s all for my true love who’s far, far away.

(Steeleye Span 1975 )
 Do you know that immediate response just reading one word, hat in this case, the pictures and images so to speak enfold themselves. It’s like domino stones, you touch one, and the rest will tumble. That’s the case with the way my mind works. Picture after picture, color and smell, memories exposed, time span, remembering all that has to do with that one single word, hat.
 For me, music plays a major role in this as well. It’s my connection with the spirit world as well, my love for music and my musician. When we met, we both started to sing in a church choir, a catholic church. 6 brothers as well me and my 2 sisters and then 10 other youngsters. This was a choir with pop song music in the 70ies.
I t was a very liberate kind of church where the Latin language was no longer the only way we would celebrate our faith in church. Being part of the committee to create a mass around a theme, as well which songs were being introduced as well, was thrilling. To me, this was one way, where we all came together in a different place and space. My extended family in law, as well my own siblings made this a family affair so to speak.
 What brought this up you might ask? Well, the word hat immediately resonated with a song in the 70ies, by Steeleye Span, called “All around my hat”. I loved that Irish kind of music, which speaks to my soul in a deep manner. So much, I made a Dutch version of this song, yet not by translating.
 I wrote a song in my own language to be song in Church. This came up out of the blue for me. I knew I was able to write poems, or lyrics. Yet the lyrics I wrote for this particular song, were in honor of the way I perceived my religion at that time. As well fit to be song with a choir in the church mass.
 Looking back at it, this song also brought out the love I have for singing. It was included into the songbook. So that was to me a wonderful gift and also a deep connection with my own higher self. Although I didn’t referred to it like that in those days. That knowledge came later when I started my work with energy, healing and esoteric knowledge.
 As you can imagine I cannot get this song out of my head today. I only used these lines, because that expresses the best how I feel at times. Grateful for all the love I received over the years from my love, my musician, who is singing his own tune now on the other side of the veil. I will wear this green willow as a token and symbol, around my hat.
 It’s my connection with the green nature and her abundant splendor. Her strength and resilience, the courage and spirit, the way we can grow and expand. Maybe this green willow is not only my connection with another dimension, not able to be seen by everyone. It is also my deep found and grounded connection with Mother Earth.
 Maybe my hat is my symbolic antennae with the spiritual world, receiving the messages through different ways of expression. As is the green willow the symbol for my down to earth nature as well. My inner world is reflected in the lines of this song, as well my deeply rooted love I have for my musician. Bringing the past into the future as well my present.
My spiritual connection with the essence and love as I have been experiencing through my parents and childhood upbringing. My love for music as well my spiritual connection came together in my early 20ies while participating in the church through the different channels. How little did I know which way this all would come through for me in a 40 year time span.
 So, that being said, I am happy to be able to do what I do, writing my messages through inspiration and then some. Creation is a wonderful process, which can start with just one word to set you going. I will always remember the feeling I had done writing the lyrics in Dutch for the church choir. As the energy that was coming through in a split second, just following the input of words.
 To realize then what has happened and what I had been doing. Allowing the energy of higher self to weave this magic tapestry of words, which hold their own energy to be shared. So with my green willow all around my hat, all around my hat for a twelve-month and a day.
 It’s all for my true love who’s far, far away.
 And so it will Be

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