An Olympian Blessing – by Hercules Invictus

I call upon Heaven
and the benevolent Powers
that shaped us in the dawn of time
and guide us still
to bless this place, its people,
and all that they hold dear.
May all be blessed
with optimal wellness,
with abundance and prosperity,
with love and peace,
with joy and fulfillment!

In the name of the Highest,

I dedicate myself toward this becoming so.

And from the altar high atop Mount Olympus,

my Soul’s true home,

I sound the Horn of Summoning

and welcome all who heed the Call.

(c) Hercules Invictus

About author

This article was written by Hercules Invictus

I am Hercules Invictus. My Olympian Mission is to promote life-long personal development, human empowerment, out-of-the box thinking, creative self-expression and a dedication of one's unique talents to community service. All of my Labors in this lifetime celebrate the Hero's Journey in myth, legend, spirituality, popular culture and in daily life. I firmly believe that the human spirit is essentially heroic and always seeking ways to express its innate nobility and greatness. And that a life fully lived, dedicated to actualizing the Highest we can conceive, is the noblest expression of human existence.


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