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Light the candles, turn out the lights and everyone take a deep breath for we are about to sing!  Sing Happy Birthday to… (wait for it, wait for it) to ME! That’s right, this month, this year, I shall celebrate the 60th anniversary of the very first day I saw the light! Granted, this was the light of a delivery room…

Birthdays can be fun things and heaven only knows I have been lucky enough to see quite a few of them. Like what about that first anniversary, when they sat that cake right in front of me to see what I would do with it…  Yeah, I obliged everyone and stuck my fingers right into that chocolate frosting as if it were calling my name. Naturally, it was what I did next that brought down the house.  I looked a little like a woman trying to apply lipstick while riding a roller coaster.  It went everywhere BUT my lips. Of course I have since learned the difference between make up and chocolate frosting but who doesn’t enjoy a finger swipe of frosting every now and again.

Then there was the 18th anniversary of the day of my birth… one for the books. I was finally legal to drink and of course I was going to celebrate by having a cocktail with some friends. The only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t have any legal identification on me so I was toasting that big one with orange soda. It worked out because I got to eat as much pizza as I wanted! Got to make the best of it all, right?

Now, what would you think would have made my 30th special? Here’s the scenario, I lived in Marshall, Michigan which was NOT where my family (which included my husband) lived. It was where I lived and worked however and it was where I found myself surrounded by co-workers all chowing down on cake and ice cream when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the office. This big box had MY name on it and everyone gathered to see what was inside. The return address label informed me that this was from my mother. I have to say, that I was rather nervous to open it in front of everyone but as they had spiked my coffee rather liberally, I tossed caution to the wind and ripped into the package with enthusiasm. A doll, it contained a three-foot tall doll named Zany Janie. She was dressed like a hippie with wild colored clothes and a floppy purple hat atop her long, curly flaming red hair!  It was one of the first times in my life I was speechless. Of course, the laughter of the gang made up for my silence and someone ran across the street to the liquor store to buy another bottle of something for the coffee.

I enjoyed not one but two proper parties for my 50th. It was amazing and humbling to have so many people gather to wish me well. The first party was held as a dinner at my church where one hundred people poured into the fellowship hall after the service and we had the best time!  The second party was held in my own home, where other friends and many family members came and went all day. At both parties I remember thinking how blessed I was and that it was my HONOR to be the object of so much love and attention.

So, it’s been a whole decade since that double celebration time and as this “milestone” birthday approaches, I am excited. While I have done a lot of living, there’s plenty left to enjoy. As I blow out my candles this year, they will ask me to make a wish. I can pretty much guarantee that I will be asking for the good fortune to have as much fun as I can possibly have for as many days as I possibly can. For each successive birthday to be the happiest of my life thus far and that there is always someone with which to celebrate that moment!

Happy Birthday to ME! And many more!!

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