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So, we are in the throes of summer here in the United States and that means there are a lot of kids out there looking for something to occupy their time. Now, you would think that having the chance to be free of the schedules of school, most kids would be busy, being busy, being kids!  Playing, sleeping, day dreaming and whatever else floats their boats. Nay, nay my optimistic reader. As having been one of those free-wee-people ages ago, I can tell you that many are in need of some inspiration.

TA-DA! July, National Anti-Boredom Month, to the rescue!

Sure, I have no idea when this became a nationally designated/celebrated energy but I can tell you that this is a great idea!  Imagine, being able to help someone find a new way to waste a bit of time. If you embrace the freedom to express yourself with wild abandon, you may just set the ultimate example.

Okay, that may have seemed a bit abstract, so let’s put our heads together and come up with a few ideas…

Nature Walks in a park or simply through the neighborhood can be a great way to spend time. Make a list of what to look for and check them off as they are discovered. Searching for bird’s nests, flowers, different types of trees and of course, squirrels can keep kids busy for a while. Then, once the walk is over, why not have a picnic/brown bag lunch and compare notes.  The neat thing about this idea is that every week, nature provides new scenery. As the flowers bloom, the baby birds become fledglings and trees bear fruit, there is always something new to seek.

Arts and Crafts projects can be made easy and help the kids provide something to stow away to give as gifts for special occasions. This can be an indoor or outdoor activity and with a little thought, can even teach recycling of things that may have been tossed out. Popsicle sticks or twigs can become picture frames. Odd buttons and loose beads can be strung together to make jewelry. Pressed flowers make beautiful bookmarks.

Volunteering at Senior Centers, or Animal Shelters help expand awareness of staying connected to the hearts of others. Who doesn’t enjoy having a visitor when they feel a bit sequestered? Seniors look forward to the company and animals perk up when someone is there to give them attention.  A win/win idea all the way around.

Of course, putting on plays, holding carnivals, running lemonade stands and the age-old past-time of laying on a blanket and looking for cloud formations are always going to fill many days. And if push comes to shove, swimming, bike riding and reading books beat out housework, any day of the week.

So, I’ve been talking about how to entertain kids during Anti-Boredom Month but you adults could do any of these as well. After all, somewhere inside of you is still a child who wants to have fun.

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