April – by April Bulmer

The poem below is an exploration of spring in Southern Ontario, Canada where I live. It draws a parallel between the rebirth of the earth and of my soul, for I believe in reincarnation. It also draws a connection between flowers breaking through the soft earth and my caesarean birth. Ultimately, the poem ends with a juxtaposition of my mother’s wedding attire and the moon which is presented as a flower rooted in God, the ultimate Mother.



Spring rain
and the river’s hips:
the geese break from her
their call.

I am an old soul
I know birth and rest:
the soft earth
open like a woman.
Bulbs from her thighs
now grow and crown.

My mother so small
I was born of her wound.
Though her bridal veil
a caul
or the tulle of the moon:
a risen bloom
rooted in God.

April Bulmer

April Bulmer’s most recent book of poetry is called And With Thy Spirit (Hidden Brook Press, 2016). She lives in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Contact her at april.poet@bell.net.

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