Art for Art’s Sake – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I read a quote once that said that without ART, the earth would be nothing more than EH. That’s not the exact quote but it makes sense.  I mean, I you took the ART of out the word EARTH, then you would be left with EH.
Yeah, I figured that you “got it” but I wanted to drive the point home.

Now, as an artistic person, I find that thought to be comforting.  My head bobs up and down because it validates the contributions I make to the world in which I live. This is important because we all need to value our gifts. To own them, to use them and to be at peace with them. This isn’t always easy for a person with an artistic path. Often, the artist is looked at as not taking their lives seriously. In fact, many (myself included) were told over and over that there had better be a career upon which to fall back, just in case.

 Gee whiz…

If you are an artist, regardless of how that talents manifests, or you know someone else who is, please hold you and your talents in the highest of esteems! Regard your abilities with the same reverence you would any other profession you might admire. Encourage that person you know to go for their dreams, to create from their soul and to fill this world with their works! Live your life here on earth as though it were a work of art. See yourself as a work of art. Realize that you and your art are what make this earth a special place.

Artists of the world, thank you for your talents that lift spirits, entertain the masses and decorate otherwise dull and drab corners. How wonderful that you bring forth your ideas as reality leaving a trail of fans in your wake. You are appreciated. You are inspiring. You and your gifts are at the center of life on this earth!

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