August is Admit You’re Happy Month, Who Knew? – by Annette Rochelle Aben

The Secret Society of Happy People (who knew) created a day back in 1999, to embrace happiness. That’s right, they chose August 8th as Admit You’re Happy Day. Guess what? In 2000, they decided to declare the entire month of August as Admit You’re Happy Month. Well now, this IS a certainly an occasion to bring a smile to your face.

Just how does one admit they are happy? When would NOW be the right time to embrace some joy in your life? Here are a few ideas for expressing your happiness. Whistle!  That’s right. most people associate whistling with happiness. We can close our eyes, imagine someone walking down the street carefree, and whistling a happy tune and we feel happy. So, pucker up and let ‘er rip!  As Jiminy Cricket once said, “Give a little whistle!”

You could also smile!  Now, that is something everybody, everywhere recognizes as a symbol of happiness! Give a big, bold grin to the neighbors, the passers-by and those ever-present fellow shoppers at the market. Make them wonder what you’ve been up to and if you are feeling bodacious, nod your head and say, “howdy” at the same time.

Other ways you could demonstrate happiness here in the month of August, would be to dance, sing, wear your favorite colors, hug someone, have a romp in the park with your dog and of course there is always the ever popular, create a big sign that reads: I ADMIT, I AM HAPPY and plaster it somewhere conspicuous.

As there are 31 days in August, you have 31 opportunities to demonstrate your happiness. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just allow your happy self to flow free! Look at you, you’re smiling.  Admit it, you’re happy!

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