Blooming Life – by Kristine Grün

Feelings of a lost weekend.
Why do I feel like I am in a fog?
Conversations, people, events.. I cannot remember details. I do not participate in debates. I am just present. God, I am so boring.
Am I stressed? Am I depressed? (I feel Ok).
I am out of energy, yet I have physical energy.
Trying to impress people. Such a mood killer. Performing too much at work..and off work..for what?

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Mindful healing – by Kristine Grün

I lost focus – and I found myself having a hard time making sense of anything after the passing of my brother.
The following first month is best described as walking in a fog. My inner peace, happiness, positivity – it was all gone. I was back in a ‘all but mindful’ mess, doing random stuff.
Most of the time I did not know what to do with myself. I was on autopilot. But at least, I did not stop, I just kept going, even though I could not see or feel my direction. I got scarred. My foundation had a massive shake so no wonder. And it became an inner fight to keep sanity.

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Blooming life – by Kristine Grün

Blooming through summer. It’s almost over, but filled with memories.
Jamaican tunes sets the beat outside my window.
‘What’s that’, my friend asks me.
‘It’s life’, I answer and smile.
‘It’s London’.
Rain pooring down. Fall is slowly arriving. We are currently in the last days of summer, wearing wellies. I dance down the street like a little girl.
The warm late-summer air makes me melancolic. I find myself with a friend in a cosy Italian café, having brunch, listening to the music being created by the unique noise from the coffee macine and rainy streets.
I dip my crossaint in my coffee.

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When in Tbilisi – by Kristine Grün

Inspired to Travel?
An old but beautiful hallway. Warm orange colour. A staircase, surviving more than a lifetime. If only it could speak.
A hidden door. A creaking doorhandle. Old jazz. I enter a restaurant livingroom, with an athmospher of an antique shop, Danish countryside, my great-grandmothers home, with a twist of southern Tyrkey. Food that you will never forget and scenery that touches your soul. Kids playing and old women picking apples outside their frontdoor. This is Tbilisi to me.

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How 4 organic lemons make a difference – by Kristine Grün

Dear all,

I appologise my m.i.a. the past few months.

In April my world turned upside-down when I lost one of my younger brothers. And I watched my great philosophy of abundance, change and happiness fall heavily to the ground. No words can describe or explain the crisis that me and my family and everyone connected to him went through – so I am not going to try – at least not now. Maybe I am not ready. I hope I will find the courage one day.

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Summer baking – by Kristine Grün

I am back in the baking game -Yay!
Baking has always made me happy. I love creating beautiful and tasty food. Just like I love planting flowers..
Maybe it is all about using our hands?
A very good friend recently celebrated her birthday and I (of course) suggested to bring the cake. If you have a summer party coming up or if you just feel inspired to treat your family – have a go at this easy recipie:

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Feel and Become – by Kristine Grün


This months dual theme Feel/Become made me think of a very true statement: ‘Not until we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves’.
Being consiously ‘Lost’ is a feeling. We have to feel to begin to find ourselves. Tragicly this makes sense to me!
Do we have to be broken to build ourselves up again, by realistic measures, which we are now able to see? We have to be lost enough to bother..

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Blooming Life – By Kristine Grün


Lets learn.
Lets walk
Lets smile
Lets feel
Lets love
The world we live in
Lets appreciate
Lets be grateful
With open hearts
More wise
Wisdom from previous broken’ness
We grow
We find solid ground

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Can we recommend? – By Kristine Grün

A recommendation is often given as a guide to action.
But do we always know what to recommend? and what gives us the ‘right’ to give recommendations, advise, in certain areas? People are so different and experience life so differently. There are often two sides to every story, two answers to every question.
I believe that there is not only one answer one solution, to anything.

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Blooming life – By Kristine Grün


The sounds of manly voices
Not angry, but in rythm
In a homogen melody
Foot steps of more than a dusin people
Fitted together in the smallest of pathways
2 for 1
5 for 10
I look up
I Close my eyes
I smell
I smile
Continuing my daily weekend walk through the crowd of easy London
Finding my way to a hidden hipster yet bohemen café
Beatroot carrot cake with creme cheese? Why not.
I look in my brown (probably recycle friendly) box, of new sweet wonders
I reach for a miniature sculpture of a cake
And take a bit
The sweet new taste impressions make me uncapable of anything else than filling my stomach with butter(flie)sweets.
I hug my Friend next to me as were we two 8 year old flower girls.

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Let’s declare a happy New Year – by Kristine Grün

Declarations have been part of our world for decades.

We have Human Rights declarations in..most of the World. People declare independence. Presidents declare war, declare victory and peace. We have doctors declaring people dead, when they pass away and we declare winners in sport games on TV. Our bosses declare the extra

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Making changes – by Kristine Grün

What would you change if you had the chance?

In my childhood, we were often sitting in a circle pointing out things about life or ourselves we wanted to change. It sounds horrible, but so it was.

I would not change anything about myself, or my life – even the bad stuff. It makes me who I am and I believe it is important to embrace all of life’s experiences as they make us uniquely who we are today.

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Peach Pie – by Kristine Grün

I know it’s summertime and mostly warm weather these days. BUT, I had this long for fall in me some weeks ago. It was cold and windy outside. I looked back and remembered the days where I as a little kid comming home from school in bad weather was served scones or pancakes by my mum. This thought and memory is pure happiness and joy to me.

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