Autobiography of a Prophet – Review by Hercules Invictus

Autobiography of a Prophet provides a unique perspective on past lives, spiritual evolution, humanity’s origins and destiny, the other occupants of our multi-layered solar system, and much, much more.

Nada-Yolanda, born Pauline Sharpe (1925-2005), was involved in many creative endeavors during World War II and in the early days of television. From writing, to acting, then onward to directing and producing, she was an active force in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

She also studied psychoanalysis under Dr. Karen Horney in the 1940s and founded Florida’s first Temporary Office Service in the 1950s. The dawn of the twentieth century’s second half also triggered her spiritual awakening. She connected with Master Sananda, known to us as Jesus Christ, shortly thereafter. Initially they communicated chiefly through dreams and automatic writing.

In 1959 she met El Morya/Mark, born Charles Boyd Gentzel, and together they launched Mark-Age, an organization whose ongoing mission is preparing humanity for the Latter-Days, a time of trials and tribulations preceding the reinstatement of a sovereign Christ Consciousness on our troubled world.

Autobiography of a Prophet was written in 1976 and was to be published in 1980, but other organizational tasks took precedence. It was archived, occasionally worked on, but not forgotten. The 2016 release, lovingly prepared by Phillel, aka Philip J. Jacobs, has expanded the original work with additional biographical information shared by Nada-Yolanda in her other books, some of them long out of print.

The book unfolds on several levels and you get to know Nada-Yolanda, and other aspects of her being, on several levels over many lifetimes. Spiritual evolution is revealed to be a bumpy road that loops, rather than a straight line slanting upwards. And our incarnate self can simultaneously be both very evolved and quite primitive.

By following the author’s spiritual odyssey through time and space, we can shed much light on our own unique journeys. The macrocosm is also revealed through the microcosm, so we actually learn a great deal from the incarnation of Pauline Sharpe. I was especially delighted to be vicariously experiencing the birth of Mark-Age and its subsequent evolution.

I also greatly enjoyed the glimpses of old Atlantis and ancient Greece, lost Lemuria and Worlds beyond our own.

Autobiography of a Prophet is unusual in that the author both is, and isn’t, what you would expect from a divinely guided messenger. And there is a huge lesson in that, one worthy of many meditations and much conversation.

As with all other Mark-Age publications, all the background information you need is thoughtfully provided before and after the main text, as well as woven throughout the narrative. Autobiography of a Prophet is awesomely indexed and there are helpful timelines, as well as two Appendices (one of them providing details about her relationship with Rama, her twin soul, the other about Mark/El Morya).

There is so much to absorb and contemplate in this long-overdue publication that, having just finished my first exploration, I’ve immediately placed it atop my Priority Reading pile for yet another go.

Thank you Phillp J Jacobs, for bringing us this awesome booK!


Review by Hercules Invictus

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