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What am I inspired to do? Heck what am I NOT inspired to do. Never mind that would be a rather unappealing list of sundry and curious actions and activities so I shall address the original question with this response. I am inspired to create GREETING CARDS! Oh yes I am and much to the delight of friends and family all around the globe I have a blast doing this. Naturally it would be much cheaper to simply wander through the local card shop and snag whatever I needed. And of course there is always the ubiquitous display at the grocery store for pity’s sake because it makes all the sense in the world if one if going to grab the decorated cake from the bakery, the posies from the floral department along with the wine and rotisserie chicken, why not toss a card into the cart; remember they sell postage stamps too! Okay that just put several specialty stores out of business right there yet I mean no harm to anyone’s mercantile; I simply enjoy creating my OWN versions of the celebratory visions I see in my head and feel in my heart!

So what exactly do I use to bring about the merry greetings I dispense with equally merriment and mirth? Oh my goodness blank card stock comes to mind and I have to admit here and now that I am someone who would much rather have a gift certificate to the local craft store or office supply house over one to the lingerie shop any day of the week.

craft 002

All right, card stock, assorted colored pens, pencils, stencils and stickers start the ball rolling. The stickers play a truly important role for I am no Picasso (although he and I have the supreme good taste to be born on the same day, albeit many years apart) and with stickers I can create visuals that actually look like what I intended without forcing people to ask for the accompanying glossary of terms (which I do not even create so there you are).

craft2 001

After I sticker the dickens out of the card stock then it is my solemn duty to bring out the best in those little devils and for that I whip out the GLITTER!

craft 003Oh yes I am always packing at least 10-20 squeeze bottles of the sticky sparkles as well as have containers of varying sizes and shapes of sprinkle dust (just add glue) so be aware that this is not a trifling matter, I am a professional. (Side note, yes I have been paid for my cards, so that makes me a professional and I just wanted to clarify that for the ragingly curious) Once the glitter is in place I may or may not employ my immense collection of markers, pens, crayons, pencils, chalks and paints because hey it’s not a completed piece unless I have written on it or in it in some form or fashion. Yes the back of the card has to have a signature as well which usually reads innerchildartwork in the lower left corner along with the year, a capital A and perhaps a sticker or doodle in the lower right corner (damn I’m so predictable). YES, envelopes have to coordinate in some way and depending on whether or not I am mailing them that determines the artwork make-over they receive.

craft 001

How do family and friends react? Not that I am tooting my own horn or anything but I am proud to say that I have seen many a card sent with love joyfully displayed in ice box doors in full view of everyone! I have actually toyed with the idea of supplying magnetic strips that are sticky on one side just in case they wanted to display them without have that poison control center business card sized magnet distracting from the heartfelt artwork but hey it could happen.


craft2 003So there you are; another fine inspirational creation that keeps me busy in between affairs of State and stimulating the economy. If this inspires YOU in some way, then my work is done here. Who am I kidding, I just heard that friends of mine are getting married shortly and of course I must send a card!

Oh and the rule of thumb on glitter usage? There IS no rule of thumb so if it applies, let it FLY!

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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: June 1, 2014

    Yes, I AM a glitter girl… not that I personally glitter myself, only other things that cannot run fast enough to get away. What are YOU creative about? and does it include GLITTER? no worries, I won’t hold it against you

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