Become Your Best Self – by Nancy Zimmerman

I have been writing now for about five years. Writing was not a task I ever aspired to. I was not a person who dreamed of writing the great American novel. Actually, I dreaded writing assignments in high school and avoided professors who made students write a lot in college. It was not my “thing” until it was. I became a writer by accident really.

I was in the throes of enlightenment and was reading much of the inspirational work of Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, Neville Goddard, and many others. There was a lot of overlapping of philosophies and wisdom but each author used a variety of verbage. When I got the inspiration to write my first book, Embracing Your Best Self, it was merely to condense all of this into one easily understandable tome with which I could resolve the differences in their expression of the same inspiration.

I then realized that if this could help me, then perhaps it could help others and I sent out into the Universe the intent that whoever could be helped by this work, would find it in their hands and would read it. I wanted everyone who was seeking something more to become their best self, the very best they could be in their time and in their circumstances. It was a book that took only two and a half months to get to a first draft. I was amazed as I typed and typed that the words were coming so easily. This was an activity I had dreaded in earlier years but in order to become the person I was envisioning, this was something I wanted to do. This lead me to the first of many enlightened actions.  When we begin a journey, we take the steps we need to take to get us where we want to go. To write for the sake of writing is very fulfilling for those who are called into authorship. For those of us who are not called, it only serves as a tool for us to get to where we want to go. I wanted to share my journey with those who could be helped. One tool I had at my disposal, was the ability to write as a form of expression. I became a writer simply as an extension of my thoughts. As I write this, I am only recording my thoughts. I am not creating anything externally, it is all coming from within.

When we set out to become anything in life, we embrace those tools that will help get us there. I recently had my astrological chart constructed. It indicated that a strength of mine was in communication. I had taught for thirty-five years and that involved communication but in this time of my life, it appeared that communication was still taking the forefront.  \Since I now work in radio as a talk show host, which I found surprising, I realized that I was led to become a radio personality to use that medium as yet another tool to communicate.

When we look at those things in life that we want to accomplish, we need to be very circumspect. We need to evaluate our desires and beliefs in a way that will help our ideas merge with our desires to get us where we want to go. That is, we need to use the tools available to us to become the person we want to be. I use the term “best self” to describe that essence within us. I had a talk show host question that term as I was writing the third book in the series. “Is there such a thing as your best self?” I think there is. I think that we achieve our best self every day in some way. I want my “best self” today to be better and more aligned with Source energy (or God) today than it was yesterday. I want to accept each day as perfect, just as it is, with no worries over how things could be better. I want to become content in every circumstance. I accept that “this too shall pass.” I know that life will throw me some curves and I accept those as a way to show us what we want and what we don’t want. I dwell on what I want. I look ahead and not behind. If I make a misstatement, it is gone, over, and it has either helped or harmed. I want my statements to help others. They may not always reflect my best self, but that is what I strive for daily.

When we embrace the values that we find will help us become our best self, then we will become the essence of humanity that we are intended to be. We will become fulfilled and contented. We will experience happiness, joy, and peace. We will know that kindness and compassion will guide us on our path and we will no longer worry about what others think of us or how they perceive us because we no longer have that egoic need that comes from outside.  We become that whole person we were intended to be from the beginning of time.

About author

This article was written by Nancy Zimmerman

Nancy opened a flagship line of self help books centered around the work necessary to achieve ones “Best Self.” The first in the series was “Embracing Your Best Self,” which focused on identifying the habits that keep us from being and doing our very best. In this book Nancy focused on her personal storyand how she was able to overcome personal set backs on her way to discovering that a life without failure was a live void of true self discovery. “If you truly wish to live, learn how to fail.” Her second book “Confronting Your Best Self” deals with how to keep from slipping back into old habits. The third book in the series, “Balancing Your Best Self”, was published in late 2015 and is the story of how to find ones Zen and maintaining your best self. “Great personal failure always pave the way to the abundance of great personal success.” In addition to writing for The Magic Happens Magazine, she is currently host of a show on TMH Radio called, "A Look at the Bright Side" with guests from around the world. She also hosts a local show in Anderson with the same title. She recently completed a learning based children's series of books, Sadie's Great Adventures, for children 3-8. Her current project is a new children's series under the umbrella, "Young Artist Series" offering high school artists the opportunity to add to their body of work. Learn more at her website,


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