BECOMING – By Lee Pryke

How are you feeling about you?
I love me and that’s ok… IN FACT it is better than ok!
All too often, we forget about the great achievements in our lives and focus on the shifts that occur as a result of these achievements, which some times to the INNER CRITIC in our heads appear as failures, when in fact they are temporary adjustments physically or emotionally that to the unseen eye are necessary for our survival and success of the new achievement.

We get stuck in our ‘stinkin thinkin’ and forget that no matter how big or small, the decisions we make to improve our lives have tremendous value. Change is not always easy and takes determination, focus, drive and a will to be the best we can be.

Sometimes one change leads to another and what we perceive as good for us appears not so good as we move forward. That is why it is so important to come from a place of self love, a place of appreciation and gratitude. We want to learn how to love ourselves exactly as we are in this moment and love who we are from the inside out.

Easier said than done. Why is it that we compliment others in their achievements yet minimize our own. How do we get to a place on content with ourselves in a world that dictates how we should think, look and feel.

The other day, I met with a friend I hadn’t seem in a very long time. It was wonderful to see her and sad at the same time. The first thing she said to me was, “I got fat.” She then proceeded to explain that she gave up smoking and gained all this weight.

I thought how incredible she decided to quit smoking and maintain smoke free for a year!

How wonderful it would have been to hear her say, I am so happy and excited about my success and being smoke free. I gained a little weight in the process however that can change if I choose.seed_cover_leepryke 001

Instead we minimize our successes and focus on what we don’t like about ourselves.

It is time to become the exceptional person we were born. It is time to acknowledge our successes and celebrate all the shifts and changes towards becoming.

Change our thoughts~ change our perception ~ excel in what we DO so well!

It is NOT about the weight gain it is about accomplishing something most people struggle with and never achieve.

My dear friend, YOU are smoke free and that makes YOU incredible exactly as you are Let’s celebrate who you are BECOMING!

Lee Pryke, Author, Coach, Mentor, Elemental Space Clearer

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This article was written by Lee Pryke

“Through my years of learning, experiencing, and researching personal enrichment, the common demoninator is that we create our daily TO DO list with others in the top three, not honouring our own unique gifts first; in fear of feeding our 'ego'. Here’s the rub – Everything is energy and when we feel good about ourselves from the inside out, that energy transmits into the environment around us. Our family, friends, co-workers feel the energy [negative or positive] and it manifests more of the same. What frequency are you plugged into? Are you tired and feeling stuck or is your world everything you desire? In my world I am known as 'a boost of happy' and you are invited to come and play in my world. Energy Therapist, Transitional Coach, Author, and Educator Wellness Advocate, Lee guides you towards the end result with love, laughter and compassion.


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: April 2, 2015

    Great article Lee. I appreciate the reminder, especially the story about giving up smoking. I am coming up to my 3 year and I still haven’t taken the extra weight off and to be honest, I was starting to fall into that being the only important part. Now I have your reminder. Thank you. 🙂

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