Bedeck the Halls – by Annette

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Around our house, the entire month of December is ALL about Christmas. Now, there are 6 of us here, three are felines and the other three are of the human-line.  So when it comes to Christmas any one of the 6 can pitch in however that works for them.

xmas14 001AGenerally, the youngest of the human-lines, is the Duchess of Decoration. If it isn’t moving, she’ll slap a felt hat on it, string some lights around it or hang it on a tree.  It is good to know that she has so much fun doing this that any and everything that gets festooned is part of the fun. From her skull collection to the night and day-mare for Christmas tree (that she sort of, kind of changes up the decorations for each holiday, one can find her hard at work making merry all month long.

Have to say, this is how we were raised.  Our late mother put trees in as many rooms of the house as she could.  Wee trees for the bathroom were as normal as were little trees on the dining room table in the form of salt and pepper shakers.  The windows had those electric candles and she hung Christmas cards from the beam that separated the dining room from the family room.

So, coming by it honestly, my sister begins her bedecking of the house AND yard the week of Thanksgiving and continues to tweak her imaginative displays until she sees the New Year in clear view.  I must say that this is the only way to celebrate and of course, our female, feline, Sweeney, agrees.


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