Being in Sync – by Angela Horne

It seems everything has a time. Time is now. What time did you want meet? The timing on that is or wasn’t right. You have all heard that one. So what is timing ?  We want things in our time.  Wait, not ready! Or how about ready or not? Time is of the essence. ummm.

I feel this is one of those things that we want or feel we need now.  The timing of things, items and placement, is not under our control as much as we like to think it to be; it is not.  With that in mind, let’s take advantage of time or lets some kill time. Is time something we really want to be done or kill or get rid of when so many people are running out of time as the clock ticks? Time flies and time lingers.  We can turn time inside out and repeat timing or we can expand time and really dig in and get things done. Or can we? What does timing mean to you?

The relationship with self is really an opportunity to get reacquainted with the new timing of the frequencies coming into our atmosphere loading up from the Milky Way.  We have felt the burn offs of downloads and chills of letting go as we have evolved and grown from within. The world emerging or unfolding inside each other, has frequencies a little jammed and clogged as vibrations rise and the old energies fall away.  During this process you may feel like you have the spiritual flu.  There is  a lot of jamming in the upper part of the body with aches pains and head/throat/ears and sinuses. It’s a cleansing of sorts, a clearing out.

This process is a coming of terms with self, a self love, dear ones.  A new way of being.  The old behaviors of self criticism and self judging have to fall away. Even the small little things you tell or say to yourself are so not necessary.

These underlying thoughts and words are detrimental to your WELL BEING.

This also falls into the timing thing, holding yourself prisoner of thinking about what timing is to you and all the components that hold things at bay to being open to receive.  There is so much sitting in your immediate timing around you, that it just asking you to stay focused on all the positives and to be able to remain open enough so it can flow into you.

* Break free, Breathe deeply, know with every exhale breathe out the what no longer serve you goes by the wayside.
* Be in sync with Source by dialing in, being open to receive what is of my highest and best for me. 

Imagine picking up the phone and having a direct line to Source. Do that. Imagine that you get tuned in and that your Intuition is the conversation with Source. It’s your human birthright to have direct contact. Now,  is your greatest opportunity to manifest the highest and best life for you.

What doesn’t show up right away? It’s that timing thing and it doesn’t mean that it’s not coming.  It may mean something different and it may not fall past you but you will catch it in the future. Maybe you already have it but can’t see it because all this time you have been searching for something that is right in front of you.

If you are tuned in the vibration/frequency of Source, your vortex supplies everything to which you aspire. You draw it into you like a magnet.  Clean up your vortex, get centered,  raise your vibrations and that will clean up the frequency.

If you think in terms of lack, discouragement or disappointment, those ego based formations are not beneficial and are in the way of you connecting with the Source within and around you.

Re-member … you are the Gods and Goddess who have the ability to “shift”  “empower” and “inspire.” Start with yourselves and move out from that center point within.  Re-member the Source from which we came. Tap into that core and soar.  Find your happy place and reside there, for this is your Source vibration.

Big changes are upon us now. Be in the vibrational frequency of knowing all is well.  Be there, go there, and be happy. Know you are the blessing.

Get out of your own way and be here and now.  Namaste sweet one Namaste until next time.

About author

This article was written by Angela Horne

Transformational Entrepreneurial Coach(TEC) International Intuitive/Healing Spiritual Life Counselor, Psychic/Medium, Modern Mystic, Author, Co-Creating Heaven on Earth Empower, Enlighten, Illuminate, your perspectives/perceptions of self to elevate you into transformation, of what no longer serves you now on this path. As a International Intuitive Transformation Success Coach I will assist/ facilitate you through the issues or obstacles that are sometimes in your blind spot. I see what others do not see, through a discovery of "resistance" and intuitive information accessing your blind spots sessions with guidance for forward movement. Tuning into and aligning you into your spiritual heart/soul truth. Commit to finding your resolution today, get you on the road of success today, email me today for your consult discovery session, sign up for monthly newsletters!! Blessings, Angela Book- The Creative Soulution Discovery Color Journal Book


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