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Hope you’re all enjoying summer! Sure is a hot one!! This is one of the awesome places I get to hang out at to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate!!

How about if we start this month’s column as a “question and answer” format? At least the question part anyway (lol).

Are you living the life that you absolutely love? In all areas? Love and relationships? Health and Well-being? Your life’s work? How about Time and Money freedom?

If not, do you know why? It would really help to dig deeper than the surface of your condition, circumstances or your present situation to answer that last question. The reason I say that is because our life is never really about our situation or current circumstances.

I’ve been coaching individuals, groups in personal and corporate programs all geared toward assisting people to take back their power and apply it to their lives so that they can really, really love the life they are living. Hell, my whole life is dedicated to the statement ‘Life is Meant to be Lived in Passion’. Dedicated within my own walk first and now over the past 20 some years assisting others in loving the life they are living, regardless of anyone or anything!!

In keeping with offering tools to assist in uplifting life, I have found continuously the higher my level of gratitude and the more I’m able to speak blessings into as many moment of my life as possible, the greater the joy I receive in my current situation which equates to quicker movement into the life I absolutely love living today!

So, here’s the tool:

Speak blessings into your life every day.

For me, I set an alarm on my phone, which goes off four times a day and simply states, “Bless this moment with Praise and Gratitude”. This has been one of the instrumental tools in assisting me in rising above current life and raising my vibration to a level that allows change to openly flow into my life at a faster pace than any other single tool I’ve utilized to date.

Now at first, this wasn’t easy and I felt very uncomfortable, even when I was alone, but, like anything else worthy of my efforts, as I continued to practice this four times a day I became more comfortable with doing so and I could go about it at deeper and deeper levels. It’s easier to experience than to understand

If I’m alone wherever I am whatever I’m dong I pause for a moment and give sincere praise and gratitude and not only does my attitude change instantly, but I am more open to seeing my vision of that entire life I love more vivid and expansive.

This is one of the many tools I get to share with my clients in discovery and moving into living a life of Passion! A Vision Driven Life! I’d love to receive your comments and if there are any questions/comments, please post them. I’m hoping to incorporate a portion of my column to responding to questions/comments to assist you any way I can!


Coach Joseph

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“Life is intended to be lived with passion!”  As a Transformational Coach, Joseph Drolshagen is dedicated to the awakening of life’s passions. He assists the transformation of individuals, so they can live a life aligned with their Soul’s purpose with PASSION!  For the past 20 years, Joseph has helped people discover their life’s passions, remove blocks and hurdles holding them back, and guide them towards the exciting life they have only dreamed of living!  His book, Lifes Lessons is based on the blog  Both the book and the blog, document the personal journey Joseph Drolshagen has taken to learn how to remove his blocks, identify the bigger dreams and transform his life into one of freedom and soul driven purpose.  Spiritual events across the United States have brought Joseph in to be their keynote speaker. He has appeared as a welcome guest on numerous radio programs as well as participated as a panel speaker for recovery events.  Joseph Drolshagen is a much sought-after life coach and professional speaker, offering inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences. His transformational, in-depth coaching programs, help clients achieve new heights of success, and find spiritual meaning in their lives. 


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