Blooming Life – By Kristine Grün


Lets learn.
Lets walk
Lets smile
Lets feel
Lets love
The world we live in
Lets appreciate
Lets be grateful
With open hearts
More wise
Wisdom from previous broken’ness
We grow
We find solid ground
So many smiles, because we have been sad
Kindness because we have felt alone and hurt
Or is it just the amazing resolution of new hope?
You discover yourself…again
You trust yourself
Inspiration arrives with glims of ‘their’ world
A feeling of freedom
…as a child, barefooted on dry green summer grass
Only free thoughts
Small angels with heavenly wings
With ignorance’s bliss
He smiles at her…
And no one is yet to know of the power seeded in her.

Embracing the journey of opening my heart to the world..again.

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About author

This article was written by Kristine Grün

Who am I?: I am still trying to find out! A young academic from Denmark with a Master's in social economics and a warm heart for Africa. My every day is full of great joy and happiness, but also tons of frustration. I have recently lived in Zimbabwe, where I feel just as home amongst drums, soup kitchens and wild nature - as I do in the streets of Copenhagen. It was is life..journeys. Now I find myself in London - on another adventure, yet again.


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: March 11, 2015

    YES! Always be a Unicorn!! Sorry, I was about to compliment you on this beautiful verse when suddenly I was a Unicorn!

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