Boxing Champ – by Annette Rochelle Aben

It’s the shortest month of the year yet, there’s so much to be done in February. Don’t you feel that way? I do. I look about and see piles of trash and treasures that need to be dealt with. I see things that I swept out of view to make room for holiday decorations or I have even acquired so many new things, that I truly need to reorganize.

So, I roll up my sleeves and get busy!  I have a box method. Meaning, I put a box in each room and into each of those boxes, I put what I do not wish to keep. It works quite well! I collect things I can donate to local charities, pass along to friends or simply toss into the trash bin. If I find there are items I can set aside for a garage sale later in the year, I tag them right away, with a price and store that box in the basement.

After I fill my boxes, I have the space to rearrange that which I wish to keep. It’s also easier to dust and mop when things I do need are gone. My space feels bigger. I am happier!

I know that many others might wait until Spring to do this sort of thing but if I waited, I’d need more boxes or bigger closets…


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