Bridging the Gap – by Brian Escobar

A bridge is a structure that carries a path across an obstacle, connecting two separate bodies allowing the transfer of energy between these entities.
Within our society one of the gaps to be bridged is the separation between the older and younger generations that I think art can be a bridge for.

It is natural for groups of people to want to organize themselves into hierarchies, especially in places like schools. But this kind of linear social structure puts young people on the defensive and makes it difficult for them to be able to connect with the experience that their “superiors” have to offer.

A common inclination is to rebel whenever an authority figure tries to dictate what’s right and wrong, and so in order for this wisdom to be passed on, we need to first get on the same playing field. The only way to build a sustainable community is if everyone is on the same level – and this doesn’t mean that positions and roles aren’t assigned, but rather it operates from the perspective that each piece of the puzzle is as equally valuable as the next.

This is something I can relate to because growing up I remember being told what to do as opposed to encouraged to think for myself. When this reached a breaking point it caused me to rebel and I would end up discrediting the source of the advice I was getting.
The result was that I had to learn some things the hard way, even though the wisdom was there it never made it’s way in to me because there was no bridge that I could connect to. But on the other hand this really taught me to become my own teacher and to look within for answers.

Connecting to the youth (or people in general) requires that you get on the same level as them. They want to be seen for who they are not seen from above, and if you can be real and authentic with them you will earn their respect and they will let you in. You can’t make a difference in someone’s life if they don’t let you in, and in order for them to do that you need to be on the same level.

Lately I’ve been finding that the arts are a great way of connecting to the youth. Whether it’s music, acting, business or fashion, you can make an art of anything you put love into and through those avenues can be conveyed a powerful message. And because kids these days are becoming more conceptual in their thinking (as opposed to linear) when there is purpose behind something they are more likely to support it rather than do something to make ends meet.
I think the whole idea behind this ongoing shift right now is creating new traditions. The elders are passing on the torch to the pioneers of the new age and it’s time to take it to the next level in an innovative way.

Through the work I do I do my best to be a bridge for love, and I want to help bridge the gap between God and humanity. I believe when things come from the heart we can all relate to it because we all come from love, and to close any gap all we have to do is build a bridge of love and make the connection, for we are the rainbow bridge that connects heaven and earth and we do it through our hearts.

One Love.

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Love is the Bridge that connects Heaven and Earth, the inner Child that unites the Mother and the Father.

Love is the Bridge that connects Heaven and Earth, the inner Child that unites the Mother and the Father.

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This article was written by Brian Escobar

My name is Brian Escobar. I'm a man of many hats and I enjoy expressing myself in different ways through different means. Some of my main areas of focus are Music (Composing, Live Performance, Recording), Acting, Meditation & Spirituality, Healing, Writing/Blogging, Fashion/Jewelry and Business to name a few. Lately my path has led me to work closely with the youth and to connect to them through the arts. I also feel a personal connection to facilitating their evolution because when I was growing up I could have really used what I know now, and so it's a desire close to my heart to be able to share my experiences and wisdom with the younger demographic, but essentially with all who would lend their ears. With this vision in mind I created a media outlet called "Be1 Creations" wherin I post blogs, vlogs, inspirational pictures/music/art, many of which I make myself. I hope to build an online community of like-minded individuals and have many talents contribute to the "Creations" so that it can become something that's by the people and for the people. With this outlet I intend to speak my truth and hopefully be a means for young people to have a voice and empower others to take their healing into their owns hands.


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: June 1, 2014

    YES! Love IS the bridge and I thank YOU for the reminder and the genuine energy you expend to awaken this truth in others! Bravo!

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