Carpe diem – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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What is your schedule and what is the schedule of nature?

At least one day a week you have to wake up and meet nature on its own conditions. Go outside breath in. How is the weather, is it sunny, windy, rainy or cold?
Dress up for the occasion and just flow with the day.
Where does it take you? Where do you go?  Explore! Feel free!
Like a child that never has been out of the house alone, try to see everything as if it was for the first time – go slow!
Look at the pavement, look at every little flower. Stop to watch that insect!
Just walk with the anticipation of accepting whatever happens around the next corner.
Stop take a break, close your eyes and just listen to any little sound.

If you have kids or live in a relationship, give each other a day, or evening, of doing just whatever feels right at that moment.

Grab the day, grab the opportunity; Carpe diem!
The Magic Happens now!

I am going for a walk right now, the picture is taken today!

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