The Call To Participate – by Kat McCarthy

This edition of The Magic Happens Magazine in dedicated to the theme ‘Participate.’

Many of those who wrote for this edition expressed some difficulty with the theme and I have to admit, I had a little trouble with it as well. (I also have to admit that I find the very best content comes out of the tough subjects so I am not sorry.)

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Showing Up – By Bob Rush

We all know that life can be done perfectly by just sitting on the couch. But that is not what living life in the moment and to the fullest is all about. Life is about being involved, doing , chasing dreams, and enjoying the process. It is very simply, “participating fully” and not letting life pass us by. I know that when I am done with this incarnation , I do not want to have regrets for things not done. There is to be no ‘if onlys.’

If we show up each day fully prepared to do our level best at whatever our calling is,

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How To Walk The Walk – by Kat McCarthy

Walking the walk can mean a lot of different things but it is never passive in nature. In fact, walking the walk is always extremely dynamic; make a decision and then participate – decide then engage – decide then take action.

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Peach Pie – by Kristine Grün

I know it’s summertime and mostly warm weather these days. BUT, I had this long for fall in me some weeks ago. It was cold and windy outside. I looked back and remembered the days where I as a little kid comming home from school in bad weather was served scones or pancakes by my mum. This thought and memory is pure happiness and joy to me.

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To Play, or Not To Play… that is the question – by Mary K

When do you hold back? When do you let it fly?

With the theme PARTICIPATE in mind for the August issue here at The Magic Happens,DuncanIreneWeddingPlay I found myself becoming more aware of how much of my energy I was putting into different moments of my time. It’s been fascinating for me to play ‘observer’ of myself… and has had the unexpected effect of causing me to become much more sensitive to energy and vibrations than I ever was before.

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The Musings of the Lady @ Greyhouse

I sit here, just after Canada Day and reflections of the past month play with me …what a few weeks we have had @ GreyHouse and in the wee village of Bear River!!  There has been a fundraising event (a dinner theatre murder

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It truly is the “little” things that count! – by Tori James

This may look like your typical rock but I cherish it.

Last Saturday I went to the marina bathroom and as I walked outside there stood a young mom with her little boy. The little boy, approx. 4-5 yrs old looked at me and asked, ” can I have a hug?” I said absolutely. Then he asked for another one….sure. His mom probably thought he was bothering me – hardly. In a stern voice she told him to leave me alone. I said i love his energy…he has a good soul.

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Participate In Life – by Lamisha

For entirely too long I thought adulthood meant working, paying bills, raising a family and then…well retirement I suppose.  I figured all the fun was over once you had to be responsible and care about the well-being of others instead of just yourself. It was kind of a depressing thought to be honest and it makes sense now why I felt torn between being a responsible adult and being a creative and hippy-dippy soul that wanted the freedom to explore and experience the world and all its glory.

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Dandelion Jelly – by Suzanne

Making Dandelion Jelly:

This Spring I decided to embark on the adventure of making new and unique jellies & preserves.  I have made several over the last 3 years since moving

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Participate – by Tori James

When my city was placed on Newsweek magazine’s list of the top 10 dying cities in America did I just sit back and complain, grumble and scoff at the label? NO…I did something.

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How do you choose? – by Mary K


Each moment of each day brings us to a choice… not only do we choose what we are going to participate with, but how we are going to participate. Choice is a rich part of life. And whether we believe it or not we have and make thousands of choices each and every day. Yet have you ever felt overwhelmed by choices?

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