So Many Questions! – by Kat McCarthy

One of the most important things we do each day is ask questions. Of all of those questions some of the most important, are the questions we ask ourselves. What kind of questions are you asking yourself? (As you will see a little farther down, this is a fact finding/enlightening question.)

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Another Ah Ha Moment by Wayne

Another Ah Ha Moment


I was sitting outside the other evening… oh wait it was last month! Where does time go? I know it doesn’t fly as I’ve seen many flying things but never time. *S* Sometimes it moves a bit faster or slower but fly? Nice try! I got to pondering some of my past events, future adventures and of course, the present. I was being very appreciative for the townhouse I reside in. Taking my thoughts further I was going back over the many residences I have lived in up to this point.

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Don’t Ask. Act – by Brian Escobar


Before asking is deciding.
 You are the magician and the waving of your wand is the symbolic representation of casting the vote for your preference. Upon the realization of what you want is the very moment that the universe conspires to bring it about, meaning that the core of your power simply lies in your next choice.

What do you choose to believe you can experience? What do you choose to allow? Resistance and relief are both choices and when you consistently choose relief during moments of resistance, that is healing.

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The River of Time – by Lisa Campion

Being a psychic is a very strange thing. My relationship with TIME, the past, present and future is slippery at best. I relate deeply to time traveler stories, the ones where the hero is only loosely tied to NOW in the space-time continuum.

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Bridging the Gap – by Brian Escobar

A bridge is a structure that carries a path across an obstacle, connecting two separate bodies allowing the transfer of energy between these entities.
Within our society one of the gaps to be bridged is the separation between the older and younger generations that I think art can be a bridge for.

It is natural for groups of people to want to organize themselves into hierarchies, especially in places like schools. But this kind of linear social structure

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Huh? Whaaa…?” by Tori James

The other day I was reading Regina Brett’s 45 Life Lessons. Yeah, I’m a list kinda gal-love ’em! Anyway, I got to #43 “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” (I’ve included her entire list at the end of the article).

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Ongoing Learning – By Bob Rush

I’m finding that as I journey further down the road of life, there are always more lessons to be learned. As I find myself on the downhill side of the curve, I thought; gee just want to coast for awhile. No the lessons aren’t astrophysics or bricklaying, but ways to

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Inspired to do… suncatchers! – by Tori James

Just in time for summer, well for the northern Hemisphere.

I love making suncatchers, it’s my contemplation time and I enjoy watching the sun dance and prance when it catches one of the mirrors~it’s fun to see the orbs in play! As an added bonus, hummingbirds love them too!

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Listen then Ask ~ by Mary K

firstlisten-thenask2Here at THE MAGIC HAPPENS you may have noticed we select a prompt for each issues theme.  It’s fun, and for me very revealing, to see what ideas and stories are inspired by these prompts. With the relaunch of the magazine we’ve stayed with a single word for the prompt… this may not always be the case… but it appears to be working brilliantly right now.

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The Value of a Smile – By Lee Pryke

“Every Day in Every Way things get better and better” written by Shakti Gawain many years ago in her book, Creative Visualization; and a phrase I still use to this day.

Life would be wonderful if every day we awoke;

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How to Grow a Mandala – By Lee Pryke

Working with circles is a way of working with wholeness and healing. You do not have to be good at drawing to make a mandala. It seems so complicated until you just pick up a pen and follow these simple steps and then ohhhhhh…. easy peasy!

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Early morning Bagels – by Peter McCarthy

As many of you know I’m addicted to baking at the moment. So the other day Kathleen and I were out shopping for food. We always frequent many shops to get the most healthy and / or best price. In this city there are so many food stores to chose from, there are small shops “around the next corner” and big mall’s. I can’t remember where it was exactly but I think it was in a Pakistani specialty shop that my wife all of a sudden grabbed a frozen bag of Bagels and stated: “Oh I really love bagels!”

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A Great Soul… – By David Franklin Farkas

A Great Soul has Crossed Over…
This week the inspiring poet Maya Angelou died quietly at age 86.
Most people say one person cannot change the world. She showed us how much one person can do and how many people one person can inspire.
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Always Asking by Mary K

alwaysaskingxWe’re born with a joyful zest for life and an abundance of curiosity. Always asking… for understanding, for information, for acceptance, for permission. And did you know that even without using your physical voice, you are still always asking?

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