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Welcome to the October 2014 edition of The Magic Happens Magazine. The theme topic this time is Exist. 🙂

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To Love Your Life or Just Exist – by Karen

You can love your life or simply exist.

It’s true, many people love life and live it to the full, whilst others simply exist from day to day Which one are you?

Depending on how you feel and think about your life will determine your destiny.

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Being More – By Bob Rush

This month’s theme set me to some hard thought. I truly believe that we are not just here to exist but really to thrive and become more. That’s what I love about TMH – its about thriving. To me the word exist connotes that I am just here. But I know on the cellular level that there is a purpose to my story and journey. Even if it is only to teach myself necessary lessons to live an impassioned life.

I used to be wrapped up in the “external”. What people thought of me was more important

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The Impulse to Exist – by Kellie

My first impulse when I hear the word “exist” is to put a “co-” in front of it.  For really, isn’t it time we as a species finally and truly learn how to co-exist with each other? We are all human beings, we all have the same basic needs for food,

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The Existence of Nothing – by Dean Nelson

In the beginning…there was nothing. No light did shine in the darkness that was not. No void could fill space for there was no space, no time, no matter and no being. Only nothingness was.

Nothingness was formless and timeless.

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Zen from the Equines – By Bob Rush

Everytime I write about my four legged friends, I always wonder if there is an oh no, another horse story from Bob.

Many many lessons have been learned from all the horses in my life. I never thought growing up that horses would become a life’s passion. But funny how that works out.  These magnificient creatures are a form of non-verbal therapy to me. They keep my focus from being spread all over the universe to more of an in the moment presence; you can learn a great deal of Zen.

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I Got The Music With Me – by Tori James

If there’s been a constant in my life it’s music. I was always surrounded by music. My mom listening to AM radio, specifically WOWO out of Ft. Wayne Indiana, my dad rockin’ out to Pink Floyd, The Stones, AWB, Skynard on his car 8-Track.

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We are the world – by Jessica Ardeal

“We must now understand that our own well-being can be achieved only through the well-being of the entire natural world around us.” ~Thomas Berry

From the days of cave dwellers and the open range, to villages and societies today, there has been a rise and fall of civilizations.

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Wayne’s Note

As I move forward in my adventure I continue to be confronted and maybe even tested to help me understand the full scope of my potential; change being one of the biggest challenges for me. This conjures up a few other headlines like fear, second guessing my strengths and finally letting that inner voice start to rule over me.

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Exist – by Tori James

When you read my column in this issue you’ll discover I lived a part of my life in survival mode. Not that ‘survival” is negative, as it IS one step above existing. Buy ya know to exist, survive, strive and thrive in life it takes effort, personal effort, labor for constructive unfoldment.

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My Time of Year, Autumn is… – by Annette

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smells, the foods and the temperatures of autumn and I imagine they love me too! For all of these wonders and miracles called to me, coaxed me and welcomed me as I was born this time of year! My lusty cries were first heard just days before Halloween 4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving and exactly 2 months before Christmas. Ah yes, I came into physical existence in a most wonderful and glorious season!

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How Do I Exist? – by Marie Pollnow

I am inspired to exist through many things I have observed in the last month. I believe existing has many interpretations yet to fully exist is to “be alive” and know every breath is life. When we are just trolling along on automatic pilot we cannot truly exist. To exist is to laugh, to love, to be in the moment, to forgive, to dance, to paint and to do whatever you love to do. I believe existing fully and completely we allow love and abundance into our lives.

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For All That You Do – by Kat McCarthy

And What You Haven’t

One of the most difficult things to do is to really value what we do in a day. Most of us are not even remotely clear about how much they do in a day and I am afraid, it seems to get worse as we get older. It is truly amazing how often I wonder where my day went and I have practiced noticing how much I do each day for many years now.

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Five Attitudes of Healing – by Kat McCarthy

I think most people today would agree with me if I said there are some attitudes that will support healing and health while there are others that would hinder the same states of being. I’ve identified 5 attitudes of healing that really help me and so I want to share them with you.

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No-where Now-here – by Wayne

I must confess at being totally baffled over this month’s theme, to the point of waiting for the information to start to flow. I spent many a night mulling over possibilities but nothing was popping. I am of the belief that if you are stumped you ask, so that is what I did.

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Exist!! – by Suzanne

What do you think of when you hear the word “exist”?  Does your mind conjure all kinds of possibilities?  A curious word, methinks…what does it mean “to exist” – is it just that alone, or is “existence” much deeper?

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