Searching, inquiring and Just Being – by Bob Rush

To be enlightened, to play music, to ride better, to hone my massage skills and to write better are just a few things that keep me curious. No resting on my laurels. They make me more motivated to delve further, learn more and search for a sharper skill set. Curiosity is a cool word that is full of action and power. Yeah, I know curiosity, and the cat… But without the act of wanting to reach beyond your limits and in the process lift your soul towards your divine self, life would be stagnant.

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January 2015 Editors Note

Great things on the horizon!
Happy New Year everyone! 2015 has arrived and in what a fashion!  Welcome to the JANUARY 2015 edition of The Magic Happens. The theme topic this month is DECLARE. And it finds us declaring 2015 the year of ‘Everyone’s story counts!’

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The Personal Theme Project 2015 – by Kat McCarthy

‘Change your mind and your ass will follow.’ A profound though light statement and also the brilliant title of a less then agreeable song released in 1970 by a band called Funkadelic. The idea behind it isn’t new; in fact, it has been written in different ways at different times over many, many centuries. And yet it still holds true, even now in this century.

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Let There Be Light – by Brian Escobar

The other day, while binge-watching holiday movie specials on TV, I came across one of my all time favorite films – Harry Potter. It had been a while since I last saw it but this time around I was looking at it with a different perspective. For example, It came to my attention that with the wave of a wand and some words that rhymed, the witches and wizards could make magic despite space and time. The only real thing they needed was a clear, strong intention and some sort of physical movement or symbol to represent it. Sometimes it would be dangerous situations that would bring out their best, but so long as they were confident in what they were doing, it didn’t matter if it looked perfect.

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Change – By Wayne Parker

This is my column for the month of January 2015 but it should have been m feature for December 2014. It’s interesting to find that I had to change my game plan on the month we explored change. LOL And now without further ado:

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Becoming Oneself – by Lykke

Taking a look back on this year, I see that it has been a year of great importance to me. Not because of any amazing stuff or things I have done or achieved or that happened. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite. This year I began to accept that I don’t have to make a lot of noise, trying to make this world a better place. I am beginning to understand, that it is alright just to be here. I understand, that I don’t have to “be good enough” or “be enough” to be living here on earth and I see that I don’t have to do something to be worthy of a life. I understand, that I don’t need just to struggle for surviving. I’m allowed to exist, allowed to live my life in a way that I find joyfully and secure!

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My Stamp of Approval – By Wayne

Wayne Parker

My Stamp of Approval

The word declare is this month’s theme, I will attempt to use it as a verb without an object. In other words I will emphatically state a declaration that has recently come to me. It has been part of my mindset forever, but now it has jumped out and made itself prominent.

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The Shop – by Peter McCarthy

Hello ya’ll and happy New Year!

Last year we developed The Bookstore – an opportunity for our Writers to promote their books for free in the Magazine. We hope that you enjoy reading, not only the Articles in this popular Culture Magazine,, but also the wonderful and insightful books our Writers continously write – And remember books are GREAT gifts for your family and friends 🙂

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A Modern Old Fashioned Girl – by Kat McCarthy

It seems as though every day more and more opportunities pop up for me to use the phrase, “I’m just an old-fashioned girl.” An old-fashioned girl yes but a modern version. I’m not referring to relationships, with people anyway, well directly. I am referring to my use of social media and technology. I am sure it was just yesterday that I was completely caught up in how social technology worked.

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Kat’s Note – by Kat McCarthy

Kathleen McCarthy


Allow me to welcome you to the year 2015. I think this will be an amazing year full of interesting things, and usual happenings that stimulate growth in ways we’ve never seen before.

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The Spiritual Path by Frank

I have been ruminating about “the Path” lately. I have a friend that calls it “THE PATH”. I told him I didn’t think “my path” had all that many capital letters. Still, he got me thinking…

Am I on a “path”? Am I on “the path”? Would that be the “straight and narrow” or the “wide and winding” path? I have been fond of those images for a long time. The latter description brings

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Let’s declare a happy New Year – by Kristine Grün

Declarations have been part of our world for decades.

We have Human Rights declarations in..most of the World. People declare independence. Presidents declare war, declare victory and peace. We have doctors declaring people dead, when they pass away and we declare winners in sport games on TV. Our bosses declare the extra

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How You Feel Now is Okay! – by Mary K

The year-end Holiday season can often be an emotional time for people… and not everyone finds themselves holding steady at the ‘Joyful’ end of that emotional spectrum, so I declare now the perfect time to explore ideas for Becoming Happy in 2015.

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Whatever you say… – by David Franklin Farkas

We all have a sense of this word
as stating something in an emphatic, solemn and / or forceful way. But, it’s origin is interesting.
 The prefix de, in Latin, indicates thoroughly. The Latin Clarus means ‘clear,’ and the related word Clarare means ‘make clear.’ So the Latin word Declarare, became the Middle English word Declare. Meaning, to make thoroughly clear.
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The Waiting Gain – by Annette

It’s all write!  Honestly that would be punny if it weren’t so true.  I write ALL the time and there are even times when I ENJOY it (insert wild, hysterical laughter here).  Actually I always enjoy writing but there are times the processes are not exactly what I would have hoped. Okay here’s the scenario…

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New Beginnings – By Lee Pryke

For a few months my craving for learning something new has been stirring within. I love the work of Denis Linn,  (known by Hay House as the best kept secret) who teaches Soul Coaching, and many other wonderful things. One day as things go, a course showed up and immediately I felt this course brought me full circle embracing all the teachings and learning into

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