Bound by an Invisible Thread – by Anne DeButte

Understanding Homesickness is another kinda Grief

The longing to return isn’t something conscious at times but shows up as a restlessness, sadness or even a depression.  “Something is wrong with you,” you fear, and you set off to fix it, leaving behind a trail of shiny bright objects that haven’t quite helped but that doesn’t deter you.  Always forward motion, with hope in your heart. Some days it is almost invisible and you get to relax and forget about it, life continues.img_1410

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Sleep Is A Vital Part of Life – by Marie Pollnow

Sleep is a vital part of life.  Without it we suffer and when we get good sleep we feel great.  My most far reaching memories of sleep are fond.  I remember my mother tucking me in before I went to sleep.  I remember sleep being renewing and serene.

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – by Nancy Zimmerman

Many poets, authors, and psychologists have written about sleep.  What purpose it serves and how it can serve us, is something we often ponder ourselves.  I was raised to believe that sleep was something that was necessary but not something to enjoy.  Those very hours spent sleeping somehow robbed us of time that we could be using doing something more necessary in life.  We slept, but it was viewed as a waste of “productive” time.

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Am I Awake or Asleep? – by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Sleep is needed for our body, not for our consciousness. We need to always ask ourselves “am I awake or asleep?” This simple question needs moment-to-moment clarification, and if we keep responding to this question with a positive note, then we are awakening to the reality of life. When we are asleep we cannot discriminate between right and wrong; so, too, when our consciousness is not awakened, when we are living in an unconscious state, we cannot determine right from wrong.

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Wired for Weird – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I’m wired for weird!  It’s true. I like dipping popcorn into mustard and prefer my tuna salad sandwiches made with balsamic vinegar as opposed to mayonnaise. I’d rather be alone than sit through a Johnny Depp film festival (no offense Mr. Depp).  I think in rhyme all the time and brew my coffee only to chill it and drink it cold every morning. I talk to trees and see ghosts. Yes sir, I am wired for weird.

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly – by David Little

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

What do we think of when we hear someone say “That’s so weird!” or “What a weirdo!?” The inclination is to think that weird or weirdos are bad, bringing a negative connotation to everything weird. If you look up weird in the dictionary, it actually means uncanny, supernatural and mysterious to name a few. It also has an archaic Scottish meaning which is a person’s destiny.

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What is it about sleep and being fully awake? – by Rhea Dopmeijer

The opposite of sleep is being awake, yet we can approach this phenomenon from different perspectives. The physical, mental or emotional as well the spiritual way. So how to decide which way to approach right now. To me, all is connected with each other; my holistic vision so to speak. My awareness is always connected with my mental and emotional state, which has always its effect on my body. This seems to be the part of me that needs to integrate every time I change something in myself. Either my emotional state regarding my lifetime experiences. Or my wake up calls so to speak when it comes to gaining more knowledge. This life’s journey has been connected always through my physical being.

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Who Watches Your Mind But YOU? – by Shuddhaanandaa Bramachari

We are separate from our mind, but we do not perceive this. We are also separate from our body, but this is equally difficult to perceive. It is only when we awaken to the reality from within that we are the watcher of our mind and body that we begin to perceive who is the Watcher of our thoughts! We are not the mind, nor the body.

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Snowflake! – by Cheryl Butterworth

I’m so excited to be writing to you… and about Snowflake!

There are many snowflakes in my life at the moment!  Like billions of them!  It is -23 degrees below 0 Celsius and we have at least a foot of light fluffy snow.   Now that is cold, but not unbearable.  Where I live, the climate is dry, so the cold does not go to the center of your bones and stay there, no matter how you try to evict the unwelcome lodger!!  Now saying all that, we have sunshine that is so brilliant it makes each snowflake glitter, so much so, you are completely dazzled!  What are needed on the sunny days with all the snow are Inuit snow goggles, the oldest sunglasses in the world, without the glass.

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