Feelings & Emotions by Kat – by Kat McCarthy

Sometimes, life has us gazing outwards to all of the events and happenings of life and the people in it. Other times, it invites us inside to consider and understand those events and happenings; to understand our part in those things and how they affect us.

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Into the Depths – By Bob Rush

I initially hit the proverbial creative wall with this month’s featured topic. I asked the universe to give me that gentle creative nudge and they responded. Thanks to all my FB family and friends.

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So simple yet so complex – By Bob Rush

Integration means weaving important principles, beliefs, and actions into the fabric of your being. Many of these lessons are soooo devastatingly simple yet it is so easy to muck it up by negative thinking. Basically this means my brain goes off the grid and into the weeds. The chimps take over. Think of the monkey cage in the zoo and you will be able to relate. For me I begin to understand why the guys in the flowing orange robes are always smiling. My goodness, its being in the “moment”.

Its about learning to live in the moment and realize that there is nothing more. We can intellectualize that there is by living in the past and future, but in reality its all about living in the now.

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