Becoming Different – by Kellie

Personally I’ve always found words interesting, so many of the words we commonly use in the English language have different meanings depending on how they’re used.  A case in point is the word change.  Of course to change is to become different, to not remain the same in one way or other.  But, change is also those coins jingling in our pockets or at the bottom of many, dare I say most, women’s handbags.

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Living Your Ideal Verb – by Mindy A. Early

Art imitates life because it allows us to examine issues true to the human experience at arm’s length. This distance gives us the opportunity to observe, question, and reflect more comfortably. While it’s always good to take advantage of this, the true payoff is when we bring that learning tangibly back into our own lives by turning reflection into action. This is when life would be well-served to imitate art – the same methodology that artists use to create and shape art can be used by us to create and shape our lives.

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CHANGE takes Courage …. – By Lee Pryke

CHANGE takes Courage, time, persistence and a whole lot of PATIENCE

November 10, 2014, surfing through some of my writings (nothing by co-incidence) I found an email I wrote to my daughter on September 11, 2008. It reminded me that I have settled once again and it is time to shake things up and make some changes. It is written from my heart in the moment, full of raw emotion and exactly what I personally needed to read again today.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – by Suzanne

It’s often said, “ a change is as good as a rest”… and interestingly, change is often the very thing we resist…. at least I find that I am more likely than not to “resist change”… I’m a Taurus and I will admit to ‘not handling change very well”.

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The new paralleled mind – by Peter Grün

The new paralleled mind.

When you are young you develop a picture of yourself in your mind, a picture of your identity, who are you, who do you want to become alike, and there is a constant and intense production of your own opinions about life being created.

Many new studies has shown, that the new young generation has changed in the way they behave on a daily basis, compared to their parents’ generation.

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What needs changing? – by Karina

When I heard the word “Change” I started thinking about what I would like to change in my life. And where to start! I discovered that the thing I ‘change’ most in my daily life is my clothing. As many other women, I have a lot of clothes, even though at times it does not feel that way. I often find myself starring into the closet for several minutes in the morning and I’m just completely blank about what to ‘drag out’ of there!

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No Fear – By Bob Rush

I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland … always late. So forgive me. I have been on my roller coaster again. This edition’s theme is change, which I am going through quite a bit. I am moving , changing marital status and just evolving. So saddle up and lets go for a bit of a ride.

Change, the word that sends many screaming from the room. It’s a disruption of the status quo. How dare

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Keep it together, Keep it together – by Tori James

Keep it together, Keep it together

I thought I was tough! Not like bad-ass, knock-down, drag-out, punch you in the face tough BUT more like a strong constitution/fortitude tough.
Until, almost 4 weeks to this date, I receive a phone call from the spousal unit while traveling in another state that has changed and will change our lives. He said he found our house. At first I thought, whaaa?

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Spare Change? – by Dean Nelson

Most people would like to spare the change in their lives. Change can come with a hefty price tag at times and this can scare an individual who is not prepared for change. A heart attack, death of a friend or relative, job loss, auto accident or the end of a relationship can shake a person to the core.

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INCITE INSIGHT – by Jessica Ardeal

Who likes change? Maybe if it’s change from a $100 bill, sure count me in!

Other than that, off the record: I haven’t always been a fan of change, how about you?

I came across the quote: “Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.”

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Change is My Friend – by Marie Pollnow

I do not think I was truly acquainted with change until I was seventeen. It was more in my face then. I lived in a very small village called Rockton. I had longed to get out of the small town atmosphere. I wanted something bigger, and more exciting. I joined the Army with my parents’ permission.

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Change and the Grieving Process – by Kat McCarthy

Most of the time when we think of the subject of grieving, we associate it with the death of someone we care about but the reality of it all is that we humans grieve far more often then most of us are aware of.

What really happens to us when a loved one transitions to the next expression of life?

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Change? – by David Franklin Farkas


‘The only thing that is constant is change’
~ Heraclitus


There is nothing that is not constantly changing.
Nothing in Nature is static.
Everything is part of a cycle.
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Making changes – by Kristine Grün

What would you change if you had the chance?

In my childhood, we were often sitting in a circle pointing out things about life or ourselves we wanted to change. It sounds horrible, but so it was.

I would not change anything about myself, or my life – even the bad stuff. It makes me who I am and I believe it is important to embrace all of life’s experiences as they make us uniquely who we are today.

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To Love Your Life or Just Exist – by Karen

You can love your life or simply exist.

It’s true, many people love life and live it to the full, whilst others simply exist from day to day Which one are you?

Depending on how you feel and think about your life will determine your destiny.

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Being More – By Bob Rush

This month’s theme set me to some hard thought. I truly believe that we are not just here to exist but really to thrive and become more. That’s what I love about TMH – its about thriving. To me the word exist connotes that I am just here. But I know on the cellular level that there is a purpose to my story and journey. Even if it is only to teach myself necessary lessons to live an impassioned life.

I used to be wrapped up in the “external”. What people thought of me was more important

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The Impulse to Exist – by Kellie

My first impulse when I hear the word “exist” is to put a “co-” in front of it.  For really, isn’t it time we as a species finally and truly learn how to co-exist with each other? We are all human beings, we all have the same basic needs for food,

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The Existence of Nothing – by Dean Nelson

In the beginning…there was nothing. No light did shine in the darkness that was not. No void could fill space for there was no space, no time, no matter and no being. Only nothingness was.

Nothingness was formless and timeless.

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