Come Saturday Morning… By Annette

I like to spend Saturday mornings with my favorite coffee, a contended kitty cat and the joy of wicked good music, why? Because the combination is peace-filled to me and when I am peace-filled, so is my world. There is a wealth of peace to be found in each of these activities and that is precisely why I choose them. Of course there are those who might choose tea over coffee or a dog instead of a cat and to that I say, GREAT! If it makes you happy, generates some peace in your world, have a ball!!

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Let There Be Light – by Brian Escobar

The other day, while binge-watching holiday movie specials on TV, I came across one of my all time favorite films – Harry Potter. It had been a while since I last saw it but this time around I was looking at it with a different perspective. For example, It came to my attention that with the wave of a wand and some words that rhymed, the witches and wizards could make magic despite space and time. The only real thing they needed was a clear, strong intention and some sort of physical movement or symbol to represent it. Sometimes it would be dangerous situations that would bring out their best, but so long as they were confident in what they were doing, it didn’t matter if it looked perfect.

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My Stamp of Approval – By Wayne

Wayne Parker

My Stamp of Approval

The word declare is this month’s theme, I will attempt to use it as a verb without an object. In other words I will emphatically state a declaration that has recently come to me. It has been part of my mindset forever, but now it has jumped out and made itself prominent.

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One Crumb Could Be One’s Feast


I was swimming in the pool today, as I do almost every other day, and it came to me how blessed I was to be there. I remembered when I was a child how happy and excited I was being able, once in a great while, to jump in at a jam packed public pool in my poor neighborhood, what a joy that was. Now, years later, I was swimming in an empty beautiful pool all to myself. The sun was shinning, the water was clean and clear enough for me to see my feet. How much more could anyone want I thought as I frolicked in the water.

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Let’s declare a happy New Year – by Kristine Grün

Declarations have been part of our world for decades.

We have Human Rights declarations in..most of the World. People declare independence. Presidents declare war, declare victory and peace. We have doctors declaring people dead, when they pass away and we declare winners in sport games on TV. Our bosses declare the extra

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Mastering the Possibilities – by Nancy Zimmerman

As I looked at the theme on possibilities, I couldn’t help but remember the old Master Card commercial, “Master the Possibilities.”  In that particular case, they were wanting you to use the card to obtain your dreams.  I imagine it was an extremely effective tag line, after all, it is one I still remember to this day.  It was a powerful statement that led to powerful thoughts — master the possibilities, with master getting the emphasis.  We all hold onto the hopes that we will master the possibilities that are presented to us in life.

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Whatever you say… – by David Franklin Farkas

We all have a sense of this word
as stating something in an emphatic, solemn and / or forceful way. But, it’s origin is interesting.
 The prefix de, in Latin, indicates thoroughly. The Latin Clarus means ‘clear,’ and the related word Clarare means ‘make clear.’ So the Latin word Declarare, became the Middle English word Declare. Meaning, to make thoroughly clear.
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An Inquisitive Mind is Nothing To Waste! – by Annette

So, what is ‘claring’ anyway?  I mean seriously, when we use the word DECLARE what are we saying?  Are we taking something away and if so what are we taking away?  For example, when we de-frag a computer we are taking away things that are hindering its performance.  When we de-clutter, we are removing clutter.  Hence the initial question.

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My Declaration 2015 – By Lee Pryke

This is the time of the year when we reflect on where we are and how much closer we have grown towards our purpose and vision for ourselves. We busy ourselves writing down affirmations and thoughts about what we want to happen and ponder over why we didn’t achieve others.
If what we think about we manifest and we thought a lot about having

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Declare!! – by Suzanne


 DECLARE  – by Suzanne de·clare/diˈkler/

1.    Say something in a solemn and emphatic manner.
2.    Acknowledge possession of (taxable income or dutiable goods).
3.    Announce that one holds (certain combinations of cards) in a card game.
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A New Year is Coming… by Mary K

A realization dawned on me during the Christmas holiday season this year. Don’t know why I haven’t caught it before; Perhaps it was too obvious? It’s the relationship between anticipation and creativity.

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Three Cats, No Waiting – by Annette

Who is soft, grey and moves about so quietly one doesn’t  realize he is there until he is upon you?  Oh Kitty!  That’s right, we have been blessed with a new, but not really new, four-legged here in the house and it is so cool.  This magnificent creature hasn’t even been here a week, as of this writing but he has already seemed to make himself right at home in all the rooms of house as well as the rooms of our hearts.

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Becoming Different – by Kellie

Personally I’ve always found words interesting, so many of the words we commonly use in the English language have different meanings depending on how they’re used.  A case in point is the word change.  Of course to change is to become different, to not remain the same in one way or other.  But, change is also those coins jingling in our pockets or at the bottom of many, dare I say most, women’s handbags.

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Living Your Ideal Verb – by Mindy A. Early

Art imitates life because it allows us to examine issues true to the human experience at arm’s length. This distance gives us the opportunity to observe, question, and reflect more comfortably. While it’s always good to take advantage of this, the true payoff is when we bring that learning tangibly back into our own lives by turning reflection into action. This is when life would be well-served to imitate art – the same methodology that artists use to create and shape art can be used by us to create and shape our lives.

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CHANGE takes Courage …. – By Lee Pryke

CHANGE takes Courage, time, persistence and a whole lot of PATIENCE

November 10, 2014, surfing through some of my writings (nothing by co-incidence) I found an email I wrote to my daughter on September 11, 2008. It reminded me that I have settled once again and it is time to shake things up and make some changes. It is written from my heart in the moment, full of raw emotion and exactly what I personally needed to read again today.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – by Suzanne

It’s often said, “ a change is as good as a rest”… and interestingly, change is often the very thing we resist…. at least I find that I am more likely than not to “resist change”… I’m a Taurus and I will admit to ‘not handling change very well”.

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The new paralleled mind – by Peter Grün

The new paralleled mind.

When you are young you develop a picture of yourself in your mind, a picture of your identity, who are you, who do you want to become alike, and there is a constant and intense production of your own opinions about life being created.

Many new studies has shown, that the new young generation has changed in the way they behave on a daily basis, compared to their parents’ generation.

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What needs changing? – by Karina

When I heard the word “Change” I started thinking about what I would like to change in my life. And where to start! I discovered that the thing I ‘change’ most in my daily life is my clothing. As many other women, I have a lot of clothes, even though at times it does not feel that way. I often find myself starring into the closet for several minutes in the morning and I’m just completely blank about what to ‘drag out’ of there!

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