Celebrate the Release – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Release that which no longer serves you. Picture yourself tying every thought to an imaginary balloon and setting it free. Allow it all to float away into the nether regions. Feel the freedom, the lightness of your being, as balloons shrink into mere specs on the horizon.

This is a technique I have used with others to help them find peace. As a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, one of my roles to guide a person to find that part of their own awareness that can expand beyond their unsavory circumstances.  Balloons and the very act of letting them go is a concept a person can grasp because it is gentle and we see it as final. That balloon is not coming back and it’s taking something we want to get rid of far, far away.

There have been self—help books a plenty, written on the connection between our mind and our body. How we see ourselves, becomes our reality. If we are constantly telling ourselves things that point out our imperfections, then all we see is the manifestation of that which brings us displeasure. But this is also true for what we tell ourselves about our finances, relationships with others and our work.  To be able to use the words of our minds to help ourselves as opposed to hurting ourselves is crucial to living lives of happiness.

Using the idea of the balloons is not something I created, however I appreciate the genius of the impact it has on our lives. Yes, when we change our self-talk, that brings about a tremendous shift in our reality. This sounds easier than it seems because we have built the reality dictated by our thoughts. We may already think we are not good enough, and now we have to change our thoughts? Oh boy, that can seem insurmountable. For those who are ready to take the plunge and allow themselves to be happier, this technique can be terrific.

To release a thought, the procedure must be done as a thought.  Much like thinking about all the junk in your garage needing to be removed requires physical effort, as these are physical things. But if you have a thought block that stands in the way of cleaning out that garage, then releasing the thought block first, could free up your energy and before you know it, you are a happy camper with a clean garage.

You don’t need the services of a hypnotherapist to do this for yourself. If you have the desire to let go, then the next step is to simply try. I say try, because you may find that even though you imagine something is tied to the string of a balloon and set free, you might not be ready to buy into the concept. Even in hypnotherapy, we rely on continuous exposure to the new thought process to create a new thought process. It has been my experience that it takes 21- 40 days to create a new thought process. This means you may have to set aside time every day for 21-40 days to go through the routine before your brain grasps this as truth. This is normal. Should you find that you require more time, take it. Perhaps you will find that other thoughts might need to be released before that ONE you were working on can be set free. No worries, just imagine more balloons and keep going.

You can make the balloons different colors. Blue for sadness, white for fears, pink for love, red for anger and green for money issues. Make up your own color combinations, whatever work for you. I would suggest consistency because you are establishing a new brain pattern here so there need to create the pattern. Remember, it was a pattern of thinking a certain way that got you to this point so choosing to use that energy to heal yourself, only makes sense.

Release the need to become perfect at this. That will add stress and thus defeat your desired end-result. With steady, repetitive action, you will begin to see the physical proof. As you become lighter in your thoughts, you will notice your life becoming brighter. Perhaps your shoulder will relax, maybe you’ll sleep better and it would be great to move through the day with ease. Fill the skies of your imagination with many balloons and watch them drift into oblivion. Wave, smile and allow yourself to breathe easier.  Releasing the thoughts that have created a reality that has not been pleasing you, allows you to create a new realty. This is something to celebrate!

*the releasing of actual balloons, for any reason, is prohibited in many areas, as they can pose a serious threat to the environment once they return to earth

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  1. Bob Rush says - Posted: July 11, 2017

    Thanks for the wisdom and love the power of releasing that which no longer serves our higher good.

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