Change – By Wayne Parker

This is my column for the month of January 2015 but it should have been m feature for December 2014. It’s interesting to find that I had to change my game plan on the month we explored change. LOL And now without further ado:


By definition: To make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone:

I can undoubtedly remember as a child in my single digit years listening to my dad and his brother talking about a comic book, ‘Buck Rogers, adventure in outer space.’ They used to read this borrowed comic book back in the 1930’s and thought this to be total fantasy. The story related to Buck Rogers traveling to the moon and other planets.

The same conversation and story cropped up between them in the later sixties and the new ending was that times certainly do change. They had already put humans on the moon.

If society is to move forward we must have change.

Recently NASA sent up a test rocket that will, in the near future, power a crew on a mission to mars.

Talk about change, one minute we are fantasying about Buck Rogers going to the moon and suddenly the Magic Happens Magazine has a boarding pass with our name on a test flight before going to Mars. We are truly in a world of change.




I still remember as a child when our phone would ring at home. When it rang, we had to listen to the number of rings to know whether it was for us or the other person on the party line. Today from our cell phone we can text, call or even face time anywhere in the world in an instant. Change can be a good thing if I desire to embrace it.

I have often told a joke about the Dali Lama buying a hotdog from a street vendor and paying for it with a $20.00 bill. The Dali Lama just stands there waiting and finally asks for his change. The street vendor says, ahhh Dali Lama, change must come from within.

Yes, there is so much around me that continues to change but the greatest change I can make must be inside of me. I am still working on my purpose for being and at some point I will fully understand my adventure. In the meantime I will continue to love, be grateful for everything I have, laugh a lot, pass on my thoughts to others and thrive out loud so that I can engage in my life.

Of course I have my stuff going on, the same as everyone else in the world but how I choose to handle my stuff is what it is all about for me. I could fly off the handle, be judgmental, be negative all the time, live in fear, always speaking ill of others but what good is that for me? As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Over my lifetime I have made many changes. I have learned from all my changes that I am closer to where I feel at one with my life and everything around me.

I embrace change and use the ones that work for me so that I may become a better being.
Just as technology changes, clouds change, forests change etc., the most beautiful change for me is what comes from within.

Peace and Love

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This article was written by Wayne Parker

Wayne is a co-founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. "The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature to their physical experience. Thriving out loud means to live in joy where all can see and become a beacon of that joy so that others can follow on the path of unconditional love, inner freedom and personal magic. The Magic Happens seeks to present, through a variety of contributors, the idea that joyful living comes from an attitude of unconditional love for all of life rather then a life where nothing ever goes wrong. Life is challenging and each challenge we face each day is an opportunity to choose to push against what is or choose to accept and thrive through the experience."


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