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So, Christmas is always the time of my life when my creativity is in full bloom, much like the gorgeous cactus my aunt used to have each year. Cookies? Candies? Not so much. I make cards and most of the gifts I give out to family and friends. Books and jewelry were the goodies this past holiday. Not only did I give out books I published professionally (here is a link to where you can find my books, if you are so inclined) but I also created a couple books by hand. Yep, my little corner of the Inspired To Do world in this issue is to share with you what I did and to suggest that books like this make great gifts anytime of the year.

I have long been a faAnnette6an of coloring.  When I was recuperating from various and sundry ailments over my lifetime, I had three things at my disposal at all times, books to read, a radio to listen to and coloring books. As this holiday season was approaching, I noticed the hubbub and hype about how adult coloring books were taking the world by storm!  Coolness, this not only brought a smile to my face but lent some validity to an idea I had been kicking around for a while; to make coloring books for people.

Now to get these rascals published, professionally just seemed a bit out of reach for me.  I has yet to create such a beast and quite frankly, ran out of time to accomplish this. Being left to my own devices, I chose to whip out the black magic marker, my stash of copy paper and employ the multi-tasking machine sitting to my right. Once I created an image I thought appropriate, I simply made copies thus giving me pages for my books.  Then I rooted around and found folders, thin, three ring binders and plastic sleeves which allowed me to create the books.Annette5b

Now, I am no great artist.  In fact, I am somewhat random in my successes with putting pencil to paper. If what I draw turns out recognizable, then I feel pretty good. I did attempt to create pages of objects but once I finished the two things I knew I could draw, I realized it would be necessary to take a different approach.

Going with the creating I had adorned my work space with, I drew words as the objects for people to color. I chose words that were uplifting, and made them puffy, having the lettersAnnette7a flow together. What was created was encouraging and inspiring, heck I even have a copy for myself.

I have to say, I was a bit concerned that these would be received well. Originally, there were several people on my list and after having a conversation with a couple of those people, I found out they didn’t care for the idea of adult coloring books.  Actually, two of them thought the idea rather insipid. Okay, jewelry for YOU!  Still, I believed in the power of creativity and presented my wrapped offerings on Christmas morning to the excited recipients. They LOVED them. Oh, I also included boxes of colored pencils so they could have fun straight away!

As I said earlier, these are great gift ideas any time of year.  If someone has a major event in their life, if you have a major event in your life, or possibly it’s Thursday and you are looking for a reason to express yourself, a coloring book might do the trick. Yes, you can purchase these books nearly anywhere you go but making them is much more fun and personal!

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