Come Saturday Morning… By Annette

I like to spend Saturday mornings with my favorite coffee, a contended kitty cat and the joy of wicked good music, why? Because the combination is peace-filled to me and when I am peace-filled, so is my world. There is a wealth of peace to be found in each of these activities and that is precisely why I choose them. Of course there are those who might choose tea over coffee or a dog instead of a cat and to that I say, GREAT! If it makes you happy, generates some peace in your world, have a ball!!

Peace, something many thinks can only come when another ceases their contrary behavior.  We say there will be peace on earth once all wars end.  We say there will be peace in the work place once that particular person is fired.  We say there will be peace in our hearts once find the time to find peace. Oh boy if any of this were actually how it all comes about, then I fear we are pretty much in for a life sorely lacking in peace. For once we attach the attainment of peace to the shifting of someone else’s behavior; we are assuring that we will most likely live without that which we seek. And as for finding the time to find peace, well I say it is more about making our time peace-filled that does the trick.

So I seek to do those things that I can do peacefully in whatever form or fashion I am able. I thoroughly enjoy that cup of coffee first thing in the morning and what makes it particularly attractive on a Saturday is that I have nothing to distract me from experiencing the pleasure. It sets my day up when there is nothing else planned but the slow easing into my morning with the companions of my choice. Naturally, for me, music is a given but there are some mornings that I prefer the voices of the environment around me to anything else.  If the windows are open then it is nature and all her glory and if not, then it is the hum of appliances, creaking of floor boards as family (human and four legged) meander about their routines. And of course when of the cats decides they wish to spend some time curled up next to me simply existing for no other reason but to exist, I welcome that with open arms.  Actually I welcome the kitty with willing fingers and a profound feeling of happiness for I know full well they could choose to be anywhere else at that moment.

The peace I create becomes the peace I find and the more I find in my own world, the more peace I actually create for the world at large.  As I see it, when I am creating peace in my own world, I become that very creation and the more I am present in the world, the more of the creation I have to share.  Guess this is what is meant by becoming the change we wish to see… in all honesty I have always thought of it as merely having the best Saturday morning I can possibly have.


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  1. Marie Pollnow says - Posted: February 5, 2015

    Thank you. I love this so much. It is a good reminder as I am not always successful in “being peaceful” or creating it.

    It must be mindful and intended. Now I want coffee.

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