Comfort – by Kishan Takahashi

”Comfort may seem like the best option in life but ironically it may not be the best choice for us”

Yet, in my experience (after treating thousands of patients over the years), I see comfort as not being able to move forward and just being in a self-surrendering loop of the same existence.

It’s no good for us to stay in our “fur-lined rut‘!

I didn’t realise or ever imagine that I was allowed to think for myself, or that I had a choice, or even that I could refuse or say no to anything. No matter what the situation is – whether good or bad, positive or negative, we are always the ones in control of ourselves. We are the ones that make the choices that project our future. In the end, we only have ourselves to blame because WE DO and have always had that choice.

Are you Comfortable in work?

Stress, exhaustion, routine and upsets – this was my life.

This was my choice. I was comfortable (or at least I thought I was).

Is it not fear that keeps us there? Fear of change and the risk of discomfort?clp-cx7waaapnb8

Comfortable‘ was what I was when I had a routine working non-stop, because it paid the bills. But comfort may not necessarily mean long term health and happiness.

Maybe there are health benefits for thinking outside that uncomfortable box, for example: I chose to take responsibility for my own health after considerable experience and research. Over the past 26 years, I have chosen alternative routes to maintain my health, consisting of a range of self-administered treatments. I’ve not used my 25 years of tax payments into the National Health Service of my country. Both my General Practitioners are dead (I never saw them for any treatments) but did meet them and nurse them when they were in hospital.

Could this also the outcome to my life changes? Going from being comfortable to really taking that leap and flying forward. Also, feeling more alive, aware and free to feel, think, act and just be awake. Thankfully, making my own decisions and doing what I want and love to do is helping me give people back their lives.

Change isn’t comfortable but…

I dare you.

In fact, I double dare you to grant yourself permission to try it. Watch what unfolds with your fearless, projected, positive energy and see how the possibilities become endless.

Think outside the box because you have decided and want to see the outcome you want in life.

About author

This article was written by Kishan Takahashi

I have been a Healer for over 20 years, people have come to the City of Newport in South Wales UK with all manner of illnesses to see me, patients include; Therapists, Healers, Mediums, Drs, Surgeons, Professors, Politicians and Religious leaders many from all over the world. I am Qualified in Therapies and Treatments such as; Psychic Surgery, Crystal, Spiritual, Reiki Healing, Mediumship and or Homeopathy, One or more may be given when a patient comes for help. I work on the Several Body-system not just the one Physical (Etheric) body. These layers of the body have to be treated, each one being just as important as the next layer. Clearing and taking away the blocks within that field of energy, has to be achieved before we can bring a patient back to the point of homeostasis, fully restoring the vitality and health of the individual. I also work in a hospital part time and during my breaks there staff come from all over the hospital for Healing. Based in a Emergency Department where I work with Nurses, Domestics, Consultants, Pharmacists, Surgeons and even Managers they all ask for help. One day a Consultant said to me "Yes they need to believe in it", after much thought I disagree with that because I've gone back and asked them about how they feel, even after years from even 1 healing. Also I found that with more than 80% of The Healing's I'd done in work most had no idea that they would feel a difference that quick let alone feel anything at all. Luckily I see these people every day and they still can't understand how it is that they are still free of those symptoms they had before the healing? But they did give me Permission/Consent and actually ask me to try and help. Working in a very busy chaotic Emergency Department where they get very little time to believe in, ask or try anything different is a testimonial within its self, if what I did was a placebo or belief system, the odds of it working there would be quite slim- don't you think? I counted an average of 80 healings a month, during my break time on staff with; Chronic Back pain, Stiff necks, Knee pain, Exhaustion, Inflammation, Period pains, Migraines, Headaches, Old injuries, Ganglions, Heal and feet problems, Palpitations and Anxiety. Emotional traumatic upsets, Bullying, Depression, Shortness-of-breath during chest infections. All of the above which has been helped in most staff members. Duration of the Healing's varies since it can takes minutes. This is when I realised I was working with the Angelic Realm The longest Healing I've done over the last few years on my colleagues was 6 min. And the fastest was 20 sec! The 20 sec healing was on a friend I work with and I wiped, cleaned and balanced the 2nd Auric Body (The Emotional Auric Body). When I asked her what she felt during the healing she explained - "It was like I was thrown outside my front door in the cold winter day with no cloths on, suddenly quite cold, then I came back into the warm house, but it was all a good feeling". Not everyone can be helped, however if a patient is chronically ill and has suffered most of their life. And have tried most other orthodox, allopathic treatments, then a better quality of life is possible. Kishan Takahashi Homeopathic Consultant, Psychic Surgeon and Reiki Grand Master. South Wales UK


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