Coming Full Circle – by Devrah Laval

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To come full circle is to realize that all of our chasing has brought us no peace. All of our concepts, fears, desires, approval-seeking, fantasizing, and making things happen has only made us tired of looking outside ourselves for happiness. Even after my initial spiritual awakening, I still believed I was somebody with something to prove. In my purification, all of those tendencies that would pull me out of the God Self were magnified. It was a difficult journey because my mind’s

conditioning was strong and supported by the collective consciousness, which has us believe that happiness comes from attaining things and gaining respect from others. Doubt would say things like, “You can’t just stay inside yourself and listen to those promptings. You must do something or be somebody.” Guilt would have me believe that I was a lazy, unsociable person, for needing the silence that is required to listen and be nourished. Fear would tell me things like, “Look at all the atrocities in the world. You can’t trust God.”



Eventually I became exhausted and disinterested enough to desire the place in which I was always happiest – the deep Self.

I once had a beautiful meditation experience in which I was falling into the most delicious inner sanctuary. I kept going deeper and luxuriating in the bliss, when

suddenly my mind/ego jumped up and said, “Is this okay? Shouldn’t you be doing something constructive?” Because of the joy I was feeling, the voice was a clear

distortion of the truth, and I was able to recognize the ego’s sabotage of true Love. I realized that coming full circle and returning to the Garden only comes after experiencing the many games of the ego. We then become bored with our ego identity and no longer believe that its voice is who we really are. We no longer feel bad or guilty about it because our true Self becomes the dominant reality.




Returning home means becoming free of collective beliefs about what is right or what is wrong. My own voice was developing from a deep conviction that arose like a volcano with a power that would not be controlled. Coming full circle is living inside ourselves and trusting ourselves deeply, no longer being pulled into the foundation-less, unforgiving, un-nurturing ego self.

In the movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus was undergoing his forty days in the desert. He drew a circle around himself and was told by God not to leave it no matter what temptations came his way. When Jesus saw the temptations for what they were, they would dissolve into thin air. Similarly, our temptations arise whenever we doubt or disregard our deepest knowing in favor of some external pull. Yet the resulting games and detours are nonetheless valuable. Even our crooked steps can lead us back to God.

Every action we’ve ever taken has only been another step toward the final merging with the God Self. Our feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability have left us needing to be filled. Our pain has kept us searching. Our striving for our desires has led us to attain them, only to discover that something huge has been missing in our lives. Our hatred, jealousy, and fear have left us out in the cold. The resulting despair has pushed us onward to finally know the Love that we are.




Our struggling has tired us and made us unhappy, so that in our unhappiness we have strived for the Truth. Our grieving has opened our hearts causing us to cry to the Creator for help. Our moments of true peace have reminded us of what can be. When we have felt as though we cannot take another step using our own strength, we have fallen to our knees in preparation for the supreme initiation. For the marriage to our divine Self that breathes our breath, performs our actions, lives our life, and fills our empty vessel so that we can live forever in the heart of God.

Sit back, relax and let the author read her article to you.



About author

This article was written by Devrah Laval

Devrah brings a tremendous wealth of spiritual knowledge and wisdom to all of her work. After her initial enlightenment experience, which led to a miraculous healing, she devoted her life to integrating and studying with mystics, masters and gurus. Devrah has been guiding, inspiring and teaching many through her Best Selling Books, workshops and private counseling. Devrah’s work is focused on helping individuals to return to the truth of who they really are. Devrah’s great compassion and vulnerability are mixed with tremendous inner strength and deep conviction in the truth of who she is, and this sets her apart from those using simplistic positive sayings and innumerable concepts that everyone has heard but ultimately only serves to confuse and limit rather than free up and bring clarity. When she looks at another, she looks beyond the outer story, beyond the drama and beyond the outer persona’s and sees the essence, the truth of who we all are and relates with the individual on that level. Devrah’s profound and trans-formative work is suitable for the absolute beginner, who is seeking purpose, truth or self-realization, as well as seasoned seekers and teachers of teachers. Her work is non-denominational so there is never any concern about conflict with one’s current religion or path. She assists bringing greater clarity and understanding to all seekers of truth, so that we can reach the place where outer forms no longer define us. You are invited to explore and continue your journey with Devrah Laval, as she now makes herself available to all through her writings, workshops and private sessions.


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  1. Lee Pryke says - Posted: June 6, 2016

    Love the audio I can listen and continue to work. I am listening even though we really don’t always multi task successfully this works today for me. Thank you

  2. Rhea Dopmeijer says - Posted: May 1, 2017

    thanks Devra always happy to be able to listen and hear the voice behind the words as well the picture <3 much love

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