Creating Realities Beyond Time and Space – by Patty Paul

One summer’s day in 2015 I decided embark on meditative journey that would help me experience a state of being far beyond the limitations of time and space that exist in our three-dimensional physical plane. More specifically, I wanted to move beyond the matrix of our current paradigm, with its principles of chauvinism that seek domination over and create separation in our “It’s either them or me, dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest” world.  Knowing that such utopian realities already exist in the realms multi-dimensional unconscious, where all things are happening “now,” I wanted to feel my energies blending with those in a brand new paradigm.

Before I began, I thought my etheric journey would probably be a visit to another lifetime existing in a more enlightened dimension of my unconscious. Perhaps it would be a specific lifetime that consciously creates realities beyond the limitations of chauvinism.  What actually happened was so much more than I expected.

I began by stating my intention for this meditation and calling upon my unseen friends and my unknown presence to help and guide me on this new adventure into the unknown. I began my meditation in my usual way; counting down from seven to one, taking my consciousness deeper and deeper, moving through my subconscious level as the numbers got smaller, then down, down, down into the unconscious dimensions.  At number one, I sensed myself in my familiar safe place.  Then I mentally sensed (using my five common senses) the colors, aromas, sounds and tactility existing there to make my safe space real for me once again.

I then invited my truer self to blend with me, taking the steps I know to integrate their energies – which I physically feel – with mine. I did the same to unite with and integrate my Soul’s energies.  I asked to be transported to a place beyond chauvinism and separation where an aspect of me…the more enlightened being that I am…is spontaneously creating realities beyond chauvinism and separation.

I found myself in a series of beautiful settings…flowering gardens, sunlit green meadows, cascading waterfalls…scenes that were segueing easily from one to another. I knew these wonderful realities were spontaneous expressions of the greater being I am.  I was being shown how fulfilling my own emotional needs…having a sense of being safe and secure, of belonging from knowing I have value equal to all others’, knowing I am loved unconditionally and have access to all knowledge in the unconscious realms, sensing beauty as a reflection and expression of my innate beauty, and my spirituality standing as one with the divine, which for me is God/Goddess/All That Is…spontaneously creates my soul’s dream for me.

In this enchanting space – the word “paradise” popped into my consciousness – I stated my choice to create peace and harmony. Immediately, I was standing among animals…lions, lambs, birds of all varieties…who were existing in peace and harmony with each other, beyond the ‘kill or be killed” laws of the old paradigm.

I sensed this reality was far beyond the ecological food-chain requirements of the physical world. (My conscious-self wondered if this reality could ever exist in the physical world.  A biblical reference to “Eden” popped into my head.  That opened me to thoughts that much of the Bible is written as allegory and metaphor for some of the higher truths I was experiencing.)

Next, in a spontaneous manifestation, I created a scene of beauty in which beings in human form were gathered. We were all friends…a community…and more and more joined us.  I sensed that some were friends of mine from other lifetimes in Sirius, Lemuria and Atlantis…and from my current Patty Paul lifetime.  Unconditional love and compassion, acceptance and respect, forgiveness and gratitude were some of the emotional energies that filled us and emanated from each of us.  In that way, I actually experienced the beauty and nurturing of such a reality.

Then I chose to manifest an experience in the plant realm…creating a setting in nature. Beautiful trees and plants and flowers surrounded me as I stood in a small meadow.  I wanted a pond and a small waterfall…and there they were, adorned with ferns and mosses and flowering shrubs.

I knew I was experiencing…actually living…what I knew intellectually over the years from my consultations with my wise unseen-friend, Elanor: That the mineral, plant, animal and human realms are all manifested from energies within me, the “whole” me, the More of who I really am as a multidimensional, multifaceted spiritual being.  But “knowing” and “living it” are not the same.

All of my experiences and insights in this mediation made my various ‘states of being’ feel real. They not only expanded my consciousness way beyond my original expectations, those experiences and insights opened me to unlimited possibilities.  I had the experience of consciously creating my preferences for realities beyond the physical world.  It was good practice for doing so one day in my physical reality.

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