Curiosity: Inner Child’s Joy – by Danielle Hughes

Curiosity is the spark of light that burns from your Inner Child.  When you engage in your curiosity, you feed the light within and your Inner Child.  Your Inner Child is that wonderful 5 year old that lives inside and see’s the wonder of the world.  It is through your Inner Child that you see the beauty, love, and joy that is your world.

Allow your curiosity to flow so that your Inner Child can come through and bring the magic of imagination and creativity to the world. Your curiosity is the root of your imagination, from curiosity and imagination comes creativity.

When you deny your curiosity, you deny your Inner Child.  Your Inner Child gets tuck into a corner and forgotten,  leading to feeling lost, alone and the loss of hope.  Denial of your Inner Child, will prevent you from seeing the opportunities for growth and love that come your way.

Embrace your curiosity and see the world through the wondrous eyes of the child within. You will find your world filled with the brilliant light of curiosity, imagination and creativity.

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This article was written by Danielle Hughes

I have followed many paths and have been blessed to be in contact with many teachers from a young age. I endeavour to bring a fresh perspective to the natural world of Health, Wellness and Spiritual Reconnection. I also have an insatiable need for the written word and from that naturally moved into writing as well! I have been published in several anthology of personal stories and as a guest writer for a local paper and online magazine. I am so excited to now be part of family here at The Magic Happens!


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